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intr.v. sha·dow·boxed, sha·dow·box·ing, sha·dow·box·es
To spar with an imaginary opponent, as for exercise or training purposes.

shad′ow·box′ing n.

shad′ow box`

a rectangular frame fronted with a glass panel, used to show and protect items on display.


(ˈʃæd oʊˌbɒks)

to go through the motions of boxing, without an opponent, as a training or conditioning procedure.
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Verb1.shadowbox - go through boxing motions without an opponent
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
box - engage in a boxing match
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Bridgepoint Active Healthcare in Toronto, cited by AIA for its expansive views and abundant natural light, includes metal panels finished with DURANARA SUNSTORMA aged-zinc coatings and shadowbox spandrels painted with DURACRONA China white coatings.
at the four of us, a family in a shadowbox that flared
With secure and fast delivery being guaranteed, this one stop shop has become the perfect destination for those who want to lay their hands upon some prized collections like the Flag frame, Flag shadowbox and Military flag display.
There's also a 1850s shadowbox containing a Madonna surrounded by a memorial wreath made of locks of a deceased loved one.
It also focussed on the advanced techniques for creating a shadowbox effect on the layouts, adding dimension through layering, and creating beautiful floral clusters.
Katharina Grosse's gargantuan shadowbox installation at Berlin's Temporare Kunsthalle (through June 14) comprised four convex elliptical shapes leaning against the interior walls of the hanger-like space, which is itself large enough to park a jet plane inside.
Dempsey Film Group, The Producers Studio, Shadowbox Video Productions, Rizon Media, George Creative Productions and Fried Green Media, all of Little Rock.
This business provides quality professional picture framing services that include an outstanding array of name brand framing materials, mat cutting, glass cutting, framing supplies, ready made frames, conservation framing, and shadowbox framing.
Other film-related companies already settled in DUMBO are Hornet Animations, Dancing Diablo, Shadowbox Films, East River Films LLC, Aaron Augenblick, 143X0 Inc.
Shadowbox Hunt: A Search & Find Odyssey is a wondrous "search-and-find" picturebook by Laura L.
A watercolor of a cotton boll, framed in a square shadowbox, also languished in the attic--a birthday gift from my sister who, like the rest of my family, never left Mississippi and isn't sure why I did.
Variations, which are illustrated in Figure 2, included flat or linear plan, relief plan, and shadowbox plan.