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1. The rough hide of a shark or ray with embedded denticles, used as an abrasive and as leather.
2. An untanned leather with a granular surface that is often dyed green.

[French chagrin, leather made from the croup of a horse, donkey, or mule, alteration (probably influenced by French chagrin, chagrin, because such leather is rough) of Middle French sagrin, from Turkish sağrı, croup, leather made from a horse's croup, from Old Turkic; perhaps akin to Mongolian saγu-, to sit.]

sha·green′ adj.


1. (Tanning) the rough skin of certain sharks and rays, used as an abrasive
2. (Tanning) a rough grainy leather made from certain animal hides
[C17: from French chagrin, from Turkish çagri rump; also associated through folk etymology with shag1, green]



1. an untanned leather with a granular surface, prepared from the hide of a horse, shark, seal, etc.
2. the rough skin of certain sharks, used as an abrasive.
3. Also, sha•greened′. made of or resembling shagreen.
[1605–15; < French chagrin, alter. of sagrin < Turkish sağrI rump, crupper]


[ʃæˈgriːn] Nchagrín m, zapa f


nChagrin(leder) nt
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Rosa sobbed afresh, and handed to him a book, bound in shagreen, which bore the initials C.
Why, ay,' says he, 'that's the question I wanted to have you ask me'; so he unrolls them and takes out a little shagreen case, and gives me out of it a very fine diamond ring.
Calmly drawing forth from his pocket a small box covered with black shagreen, the abbe opened it, and displayed to the dazzled eyes of Caderousse the sparkling jewel it contained, set in a ring of admirable workmanship.
1 The Strand Shagreen Writing Desk from Orient Express Furniture pairs a sleek white faux shagreen resin body with brushed gold legs and wide glass top.
A PS60,000 poker set, left, including alligator leather case with shagreen and Swarovski crystal chips.
Some physical signs were found, including hypopigmented macules on her back, right forearm, and right calf, ungual fibromas on her left hand, and shagreen patch on dorsolumbar area of the back [Figure 1]d.
The VSY designer, who has 12 styles in her first collection, also works with other materials like shagreen, snakeskin, mother-of-pearl and kamagong wood.
The Glaston bar cart in grey is fashioned from iron with an antique brass finish and a faux shagreen top, a timeless and versatile piece, it can be used as a bar cart for your finest beverages but also makes a stylish alternative to the Glaston side table, for your finest homewares.
The exit integrates a laminating/ embossing calender offering also the possibility to provide with an electrical shortwave infra-red radiator a directly coated highly elastic knitted fabric with a shagreen by means of an embossing paper.
Stilnovo Bovet chandelier, True Modern Dane Standard sofa, GroovyStuff Back to the Roots Atlantis coffee table, Interlude Atherton Shagreen desk, Nuevo Living Caitlan dining chair in Black Oak, Norwell Aidan 1-Light wall sconce in Aged Brass, Nuevo Living shelving units, all from ATG Stores.
The mysterious shopkeeper therein offers him a skin of shagreen, which, he is told, will fulfill all his wishes and thus put an end to his miseries.
An absence of the typical dermatological signs of TS hypomelanotic macules or ash leaf spots (found in up to 90% of patients with TS), confetti lesions, poliosis, facial angiofibromas or adenoma sebaceum, shagreen patches and ungual fibromas (14)--alerted the clinician to the possibility that the patient did not suffer from TS.