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Global Banking News-October 24, 2014--Senate Banking Committee facing shakeup
Among the key portfolios under the shakeup were the interior ministry, which went to Maj.
President Hamid Karzai has no plan to shakeup the Cabinet," Waheed Omar told Pajhwok Afghan News
Summary: Saudi King Abdullah's shakeup of the government over the weekend has been hailed by the country's citizens and media outlets as a bold step forward for the ultra-conservative kingdom.
Has the shakeup guaranteed recessions through the second half of 2008?
Of course we want to win the league, but we're desperate to be in the shakeup for the FAI Cup and the Setanta Cup final as well," said Kearney "We want people to view us as the best team in the country.
Solihull health chiefs recently announced that their bid to become a Care Trust had been rubber-stamped, prompting the biggest shakeup of services for the borough's disabled and needy for years.
Two ministers and four deputy ministers were fired Friday in Myanmar's third cabinet shakeup in less than two months, the ruling military government announced.
A SHAKEUP of employment law that will stop aggrieved workers launching tribunal cases against their bosses without first complaining to them in writing was announced yesterday.
The recent management shakeup at Freddie Mac has significant implications for that company as well as its larger sibling, Fannie Mae.
A management shakeup at Air New Zealand could see current CEO Gary Toomey lose his job.
The main result will be a House of Representatives shakeup.