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A fissile rock composed of layers of claylike, fine-grained sediments.

[Probably from Middle English, shell, from Old English scealu; see skel- in Indo-European roots.]

shal′ey adj.


adj, -lier or -liest
(Geological Science) resembling shale
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D Bradley, alterations and erection of extension to |roof height to create house forming annex accommodation associated with Shaley Dene, Fearnley Lane, Holmfirth.
The route No 1 wagons will also ply on Misrial Road, Range Road, PIA Colony, Shaley Valley, Qasim Market, MH Chowk, Haider Road, Mareer Chowk , Kutchery Chowk, Ammar Chowk, Rahim Abad, Rawal Road, Chandni Chowk, Sadiq Abad, 6th Road Chowk, Faizabad, Zero Point, Melody, GPO, Polyclinic, Super Market, College Stop, F-7 More, Islamabad Zoo Chowk and Saidpur Village.
Lindisfarne Custom Planet kept their promotion dreams alive as Liam Shaley and Liam Mulligan fired home at West Allotment Celtic A.
By the contact of the formations shaley layers are interbedded with lenses of sandstone.
Shaley and Werner-Felmayer analyzed the difficulty of obtaining ova, before Israel enacted the 2010 Egg Donation Law:
I was a Sheilds who married a Daley so I could become a Shaley or maybe a Dailds.
Receiving Merit awards were Ally Bull, Brandon Bull (Raine), Brandon Larocque, Tori Moonias, Shaley Moonies and Sheldon Rabbit Jr.
The lateral extent and risk in the north and updip in the east is dependent upon an adequate seal being evident between the subcrop and unconformity at the base of the lower Grant formation (our geological/geophysical team considers that there is the likelihood of a lower Grant shaley member within the channel non-conformity).
Easier access to the Dwellys Cove Formation can be made along the cobble beach north from Dark Harbour, where alternating layers of pale grey siltstone and maroon clay-rich shaley mudstone 10 to 50 cm thick (Fig.
I suspect that Evan's specimens may have originally come from somewhere other than the generally shaley rock formations at Hungry Hollow.
Adegoke (1977) described the formation as consisting of shaley limestone 12.
They did, however, prefer a mixture of the shaley and sandy earth and in the end they essentially used the earth of the tumulus--minus the human-made material--to make their mud-bricks.