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Adj.1.shallow-draft - of vessels whose keel is not far below the waterline; "a shallow-draft river boat"
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The shallow-draft boat, which was not designed to withstand heavy winds as an ocean-going vessel can, overturned in what Chinese weather authorities have called a cyclone with winds up to 80 mph.
Part of Barnegat Bay's mystique is in the small shallow-draft boats used there and named appropriately Barnegat sneakboxes.
The new Skeeter Saltwater Series SX2250 is a shallow-draft bay boat capable of flattening chop, while providing family features for a day at the sandbar.
NorthStar Gas expects service to begin in May of its new shallow-draft fuel and deck-cargo barge.
Designed to operate in coastal waters, the LCS provides the Navy with a fast, agile shallow-draft warship that maximizes mission flexibility.
China's is a shallow-draft modern high-speed vessel that can more easily dock in places where U.
We'll be lucky to secure the full complement of 15 shallow-draft visitor moorings in the lagoon for that week," explained Slingsby.
Nicaragua plans to spend US$40-US$50 million to open a shallow-draft barge canal to transport merchandise to the Atlantic Ocean, a system that already has congressional approval and is slated to be ready for shipping traffic in 2006.
Fall cruises: The 80-passenger shallow-draft Spirit of Columbia departs weekly through Nov.
Since last summer, operators have used the shallow-draft boat for 40-minute tours into the south part of Morro Bay, where no commercial boats have run before.
Proofs of concept for value of high-speed, shallow-draft craft and affordable ship deployment
If this beta test is successful it will change the way the Galveston District surveys shallow-draft channels.