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n. pl. shar-peis
A Chinese shar-pei.

[Cantonese saa1 pei4 (equivalent to Mandarin shāpí, literally, "sand skin," in reference to the short rough coat typical of the breed) : Cantonese saa1, sand (from Middle Chinese ʂa⋮) + Cantonese pei4, skin (from Middle Chinese pɦi).]



one of a Chinese breed of medium-sized shorthaired dogs with a squarish muzzle and wrinkly skin over the head and body.
[< dial. Chinese (Guangdong) sā péi < Chinese shā pí literally, sand fur]
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The SPCA said they were alerted last Friday after the male shar-pei was discovered in Uddingston.
Shar-pei crossbreed Kai - who was found at Ayr railway station in February - and new owner Ian Russell, from Newton Mearns, Glasgow, are spearheading the Scottish SPCA's rehoming week appeal.
It is particularly common in certain breeds, such as the Akita and Shar-Pei, but it affects short-nosed, giant and sporting breeds, as well.
Kai, a Shar-Pei crossbreed, was found tied to a railing beside a suitcase containing a pillow, a cuddly toy puffin, a bowl and some food.
Kai, the Shar-Pei dog abandoned at Ayr station, complete with his suitcase of belongings, is on the mend and looking to help Ayr United's new manager to pick the team up from (way too) near the bottom of the table.
The shar-pei cross, now called Kai, was found in Ayr on January 2 and has since been placed in a loving home.
This week a Shar-Pei called Kai made headlines when he was left tied up outside Ayr train station, with a pull-along containing his worldly belongings: a pillow, some food and drink, a bowl and a toy.
The Scottish SPCA has been deluged with more than 100 calls from people offering a new home for shar-pei crossbreed Kai, who was abandoned at Ayr A station, in South Ayr-A shire.
The shar-pei crossbeed is now being cared for at the Scottish SPCA's centre in Glasgow, with the charity keen to trace his owner.
A Kansas native, she currently resides in a Dallas suburb with four furry girls: a Pug, two Chihuahuas, and a Shar-Pei.
Sabrina, a traditional Shar-Pei, vanished into a train tunnel at New Street Station on February 20 after slipping her collar.
Another time his face puffed up overnight until he looked like a Shar-Pei.