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Having or exhibiting keenly perceptive intellect.

sharp′-wit′ted·ness n.


having or showing a keen intelligence; perceptive
ˌsharp-ˈwittedly adv
ˌsharp-ˈwittedness n


having or showing mental acuity.
sharp′-wit′ted•ly, adv.
sharp′-wit′ted•ness, n.
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Mentally quick and original:


[ˈʃɑːpˈwɪtɪd] ADJperspicaz, despabilado


[ˌʃɑːpˈwɪtɪd] adjsveglio/a


(ʃaːp) adjective
1. having a thin edge that can cut or a point that can pierce. a sharp knife.
2. (of pictures, outlines etc) clear and distinct. the sharp outline of the mountain.
3. (of changes in direction) sudden and quick. a sharp left turn.
4. (of pain etc) keen, acute or intense. He gets a sharp pain after eating.
5. (often with with) severe. Don't be so sharp with the child!; She got a sharp reproach from me.
6. alert. Dogs have sharp ears.
7. shrill and sudden. a sharp cry.
8. of a musical note, raised a semitone; too high in pitch. F sharp; That last note was sharp.
1. punctually. Come at six (o'clock) sharp.
2. with an abrupt change of direction. Turn sharp left here.
3. at too high a pitch. You're singing sharp.
1. a sharp note. sharps and flats.
2. a sign (#) to show that a note is to be raised a semitone.
ˈsharpen verb
to make or grow sharp. He sharpened his pencil.
ˈsharpener noun
an instrument for sharpening. a pencil-sharpener.
ˈsharply adverb
in a sharp manner. a sharply-pointed piece of glass; The road turned sharply to the left; He rebuked her sharply.
ˈsharpness noun
sharp practice
dishonesty or cheating.
ˌsharp-ˈwitted adjective
intelligent and alert. a sharp-witted boy.
look sharp
to be quick or to hurry. Bring me the books and look sharp (about it)!
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The next thing you know Sharma is taking charge and outwitting the English and the villains with a combination of buffoonery and sharp-wittedness.
Play was Michael Hallam's modus operandi, uniting various traits of his personality: maturity with an easy-going misdemeanor, seriousness with humour, sharp-wittedness with warmth and generosity, prolific knowledge with an insatiable thirst to learn more.
This sharp-wittedness, the keen social satire and timely cultural references keep the persona fresh and spontaneous.