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1. High proficiency in shooting firearms.
2. Accurate, often unexpected verbal or written attack.
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It was when there had been skirmishing and sharpshooting all day in the woods.
HER footballer father dazzled with his sharpshooting feet.
Today's episode pays tribute to the two biggest stars of the newly crowned NBA Champion Golden State Warriors -- Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson -- who are known across the basketball world as the "Splash Brothers" in honor of their 3-point field goal sharpshooting.
But his sharpshooting has made him a target for the enemy.
Georgie loved the event; it allowed her to make good use of her sharpshooting.
Thankfully, the Dane has a sharpshooting brother, Peter (Mikael Persbrandt), to stage a daring rescue from the jaws of death.
But there's more to this multi-layered story than simply sword-play, sharpshooting and close-combat (though there's plenty of that too).
Sharpshooting Belgian Kim Huybrechts also won with a whitewash as he disposed of Northern Ireland's Mickey Mansell.
And, the items including Primal Spirits, Potions purchased from the Brawler's Guild, Sharpshooting Guide, Kowalski's Music Box and World Shrinker's effect have some new updates.
30, Old Sturbridge Village costumed historians and interpreters will bring to life Thanksgiving traditions 1830s-style -- demonstrating hearth cooking, Native American food traditions, musket sharpshooting matches, and a re-created wedding.
Sturridge's sharpshooting has fired Liverpool to the top of the Premier League.
50am) Sequel to classic spaghetti western A Fistful of Dollars, starring Clint Eatwood, in which a mysterious bounty hunter known only as the man with no name forms an uneasy alliance with a sharpshooting former colonel in order to catch a bandit.