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or shash·lick  (shäsh-lĭk′, shäsh′lĭk)
A dish consisting of marinated cubes of meat, such as lamb, grilled or roasted on a spit, often with slices of various vegetables; shish kebab.

[Russian shashlyk, of Turkish origin.]






(Cookery) a type of kebab
[from Russian, of Turkic origin; compare shish kebab]

shish ke•bab

(ˈʃɪʃ kəˌbɒb)
small cubes of meat, esp. lamb, usu. marinated and broiled, often with vegetables, on a skewer.
[1910–15; < Turkish şişkebabI=şiş spit (compare shashlik) + kebap roast meat (compare kabob) + -I 3d singular possessive suffix]
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There are 50p supplements for upgrading rice or naan choices - king prawn, duck and shashlick dishes add an extra PS3.
Chicken tikka massala is not on the menu here, but you can get some of the other traditional Indian dishes such as shashlick chicken and tarka dall (called pahelo dal here).
We also selected the tandoori shashlick and thank heavens we did as it's now a firm favourite
The chicken Shashlick was moist and flavoursome and garnered one of the highest scores since the club's inception.
His Shashlick was succulent and potent, perfect for his tastebuds.
It was difficult to choose, but we decided to forego the tantalisingly named Village Style Begoon, the Mixed Delight and the Captain Pathila and instead plumped for a Memsaab's Favourite and a Tandoori Shashlick accompanied by a keema naan, a couple of chappatis and a pilau rice.
95 Chicken Shashlick Bhuna - grilled in a tandoori oven and cooked in medium sauce, pounds 7.
For a starter I decided to go for the paneer shashlick (pounds 2.
The menu contains all the dishes you would expect to see - your chaats, murgh tandooris, shashlicks, dansaks, vindaloos, dopiazas, baltis, bhunas and kormas that have become part of the English language.