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or shash·lick  (shäsh-lĭk′, shäsh′lĭk)
A dish consisting of marinated cubes of meat, such as lamb, grilled or roasted on a spit, often with slices of various vegetables; shish kebab.

[Russian shashlyk, of Turkish origin.]






(Cookery) a type of kebab
[from Russian, of Turkic origin; compare shish kebab]

shish ke•bab

(ˈʃɪʃ kəˌbɒb)
small cubes of meat, esp. lamb, usu. marinated and broiled, often with vegetables, on a skewer.
[1910–15; < Turkish şişkebabI=şiş spit (compare shashlik) + kebap roast meat (compare kabob) + -I 3d singular possessive suffix]
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99), beef stew with mushrooms, red peppers and onion served with bread and chicken shashlik (PS6.
While we've seen this award-winning actor-director try his hand at several genres - sitcom ( Shashlik ), historical ( Mor Mahal ), biopic ( Manto, Ek Thi Marium ) - it is serials like Humsafar , the incredibly popular love story featuring Mahira Khan in her first stellar role opposite the handsome Fawad Khan, where we find Khoosat connecting with the audience the best.
Be it the lamb kebab, the chicken sheesh tawook, the lamb chops, the lamb tikka or the shashlik beef kebab, they were all juicy, tender and grilled to perfection.
Serving authentic Pakistani dishes, try the paneer shashlik for a subtle joy or the tarka daal, which is stunning and a must-have.
Kebabish Original, |Linthorpe Road Menu One - PS10: Starter - Popadoms, Main + side - Chicken, lamb or veg curry or karahi with pilau or boiled rice Sundries - Tandoori/garlic naan or chips; Menu Two - PS10: Grill - Seekh kebabs, Tandoori lamb chops, chicken/lamb tikka, baby chicken (spit roasted), chicken wings, BBQ shredded chicken, chicken Shashlik, Machhli grilled, fish tikka, Massala fish, sizzling garlic mushrooms, sizzling chilli mushrooms or Paneer tikka with either a Tandoori/garlic naan, pilau/ boiled rice or chips.
The tandoori shashlik felt a little light on flavour and the texture of the tandoori mixed kebab was a little too rubbery, but the chicken chat was more enjoyable.
A signposts and restaurants flaunting signs in Persian and Arabic while the fresh and enticing fragrance of Shashlik in the air will make you wonder, are you really in China?
All around, Arslanbob's citizens are devouring shashlik kebabs and delicious lagman (said to owe its salty flavour to the corpulent chef's method of flicking the noodles off his belly).
Mas que un dia de protestas, el 1 de Mayo es considerado el verdadero dia de la primavera, con sus tibios soles y sus agradables temperaturas, que invitan a pasear por los parques y organizar dias de campo para comer shashlik (brochetas).
Repast is finished with main dishes - manti, lagman, shashlik and plov.
Options include chicken tikka, shashlik and tandoori jhinga.