shave off

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w>shave off

vt sep beardsich (dat)abrasieren; sb’s beardabrasieren; woodabhobeln; she has shaved four seconds off the world recordsie hat den Weltrekord um vier Sekunden verbessert
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They would shave off her hair, feed her on a scanty allowance of rice, treat her with contempt; she would be looked upon as an unclean creature, and would die in some corner, like a scurvy dog.
You must needs shave off that beard of yours, Alexis," he said to his companion.
It would be safer to assume a serious character--to shave off my whiskers, crop my hair, buy a modest hat and umbrella, and dress entirely in black.
Bon voyage, as they say, and take my counsel, and shave off them mustachios, or they'll bring you into mischief.
Terry Percival and Billy Wardhaugh both play for Shepshed RFC and decided that one day they would shave off their beards and hair that they had been growing for more than six years.
May, who was once a missionary in Kenya, donned a Macmillan T-shirt while a friend used clippers to shave off her locks after a service.
The time table of the Iraqi Armed Forces and announcing a final date for the liberation of Mosul on one hand, and the government forces' eye-catching victories in Northern Salahuddin and Southeastern Nineveh on the other hand, have caused the ISIL terrorists to shave off their beard and flee the battlefields to find safer shelters," the sources said.
Andrew had the idea of having his own mini shave-off to launch Movember in the town and has already raised more than PS1,750 on his Just Giving Big Shave Off page (https://www.
Patna: Rampaging criminals chopped off the ear of a retired Indian trooper after he refused to shave off his long, bushy moustache.
My son-in-law was desperate to start the shave off, so he put more money in so he could kick it all off.
Sydney, Jan 7 ( ANI ): Australian pace sensation Mitchell Johnson, who was awarded the 'Man of the Series' title, has reportedly promised to shave off his menacing moustache, which he had dyed pink, following his team's 5-0 Ashes clean sweep.
I jokingly said that after treatment, if her hair were to fall out, I would shave off mine, raising money at the same time.