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the cards that were given them; and Luck, the monstrous, mad-god thing, the owner of the whole shebang, looked on and grinned.
Beats a washboard an' your knuckles, and, besides, it saves at least fifteen minutes in the week, an' fifteen minutes ain't to be sneezed at in this shebang.
I've kind of lost my way in this here shebang, and if you'll kindly show me the door I'll cause no trouble and sure vamoose.
An' if you charge me board, I'll charge you interest for the money I've stuck into this shebang.
The agreement with ThinCats came to fruition after Ludgate Finance, which is based in Birmingham, were approached by Shebang.
Ever since, I have wondered if his decision was legal; and if it wasn't, could the "election" result be deemed invalid, with the whole shebang having to be re-run, in which case I too would have voted against.
If you want the whole shebang (spa, ski lessons, gourmet suppers, and stunning views), book a room at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop.
Andy has also released solo albums, including Spider Jiving, La Booga Rooga, Be B 'N' Holla, Andy Fairweather Low, Mega Shebang, Wide Eyed And Legless, Sweet Soulful Music and the Best of Andy Fairweather Low - Low Rider.
And then, after three minutes, the shebang was over.
One consequence of a wraparound universe--he personally favors a spherical dodecahedron--is that the whole shebang may be a lot smaller than it looks.
There are so many wonderful prophets and priests among the people in the pews who are magnificently qualified to preside at Eucharist, deliver homilies, and run the whole shebang.
The hide though (in my opinion) is what rolled the ball on the whole shebang, as somebody needed it to cover a bare spot some centuries back.