sheep pen

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Noun1.sheep pen - a pen for sheepsheep pen - a pen for sheep      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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The challenges this week included a quad bike driving challenge, an information challenge and building a sheep pen.
There is also a small enclosure that looks like a sheep pen in the luggage area.
The sheep pen and pig sty exits were also left ajar but the animals were not harmed.
Tri-State Dirty Girl Mud Run June 7, 2014 On Target Paintball 35 Sheep Pen Hill Rd.
The teaching hospital has progressed from The House of God and Mount Misery by Samuel Shem to the Sheep Pen in this novel.
The building is Thunderbirds meets sheep pen meets hill fort meets Oriental pavilion.
Turn right at the road and follow it for about 350m, turn through a gate and walk along a track alongside a hedge to a sheep pen.
Maps, graphs and tables provide extra interest, and an extensive collection of black and white photos tells all: landscape, working conditions, physical plants, municipal growth, and resource sites including a sheep pen where men stand telling the age of sheep.
The property, which includes the sheep pen where imprisoned mafia chief Toto Riina once hid out, has been transformed into a rustic bed-and-breakfast in the heart of western Sicily and given a new name, the 'Lands of Corleone'.
Through sheer hard work they turned a ruin used as a sheep pen into a stunning home which blends into the countryside so completely thanks to its turf roof that it doesn't even show up on aerial photographs.
RADYR: Permission has been requested for a wind turbine and solar shed with a sheep pen on land South West of Upper Barn, Radyr Farm, Llantarnam Drive.
bishops putting known sexual predator wolves back into the sheep pen, said Wall.