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sheep dip

also sheep-dip (shēp′dĭp′)
Any of various liquid preparations containing pesticides into which sheep are dipped to control external parasites.


1. (Agriculture) any of several liquid disinfectants and insecticides in which sheep are immersed to kill vermin and germs in their fleece
2. (Agriculture) a deep trough containing such a liquid


a lotion or wash usu. applied by immersion to the fleece or skin of a sheep to kill vermin.
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It was an exceedingly effective sheep-dip as it helped eradicate ticks and the like that caused such problems in sheep.
After the group disappeared into a giant mid-stage sheep-dip they re-emerged for one final flourish, romping through Stomp and Chain Reaction to defer the audience's gratification before the inevitable finale.
He said: "Organisations in both the public and private sector are aware that to get the very best out of the staff they need to offer them regular personal development opportunities - and rightly so - but far too often they give far too little thought to what their staff's individual needs are and how best to meet them and instead adopt a sheep-dip approach.
Ducks will be used instead of sheep for a sheep-dip demonstration today at Loughborough Agricultural Show.
A BOY of two drowned after falling into his farmer dad's sheep-dip.
In the show, Shaun and his flock will get up to all sorts of adventures, including synchronised swimming in sheep-dip and disguising themselves in scarecrow's clothes.
He likes to pretend he's mean and moody but really he is just sulking because he stinks of sheep-dip and nobody wants to go to the pub with him while he talks about how great he is.
And if the horny-handed sons of the soil want to get together once a year to discuss the price of sheep-dip then fair play to them.