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 (shēp′kōt′, -kŏt′)
n. Chiefly British
A sheepfold.


(ˈʃiːpˌkəʊt) or


(Agriculture) chiefly Brit another word for sheepfold



Chiefly Brit. a pen or covered enclosure for sheep.
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Noun1.sheepcote - a pen for sheepsheepcote - a pen for sheep      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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The works will be in Sheepcote Street, Great Charles Street Queensway/Paradise, and Bath Row/Holloway Head.
The works will be on Sheepcote Street, Great Charles Street Queensway/Paradise, Islington Row Middleway/George Street and Bath Row/Holloway Head.
Phil Philips Quartet, Sunday, Fiddle and Bone, Sheepcote Street, www.
The Prime Minister and London Mayor Boris Johnson were on their way to the event in Harrow, north west London, yesterday morning when they noticed a woman who was unwell in the suburb's Sheepcote Road, London Ambulance Service (LAS) said.
The men are John Davis, 20,of Holmlea Rd,Datchet,Berks; Chris Smith, 28,of Sheepcote Rd,Eton Wick,Berks; Alan Larmont, 30,of Blenheim Rd,Langley, Berks; James Fox, 30, of Elliott Rise,Ascot; Derek Sheehan, 32,of Ashcroft Square, Hammersmith, west London; Anthony Charles, 34,of no fixed abode; and Stephen Nolan, 23,of Old Mill Place,Wraysbury, Berks.
For sheepcote boundary fences we used the really narrow spaced "yard & garden" type woven wire attached to metal T-posts.
The Distillery, in Sheepcote Street, near Birmingham city centre, will now be able to serve alcohol for an extra hour on Friday and Saturday nights.
Vehicles will only be able to turn left from Bishopsgate Street and Sheepcote Street onto Broad Street although this restriction will be removed prior to the IAAF World Indoor Championships athletics event at the National Indoor Arena from March 2.
The car park behind Birmingham Rep will be closed to the public from Friday to Monday, and all on-street, pay-and-display spaces will be suspended in Bridge Street, Berkley Street and Sheepcote Street.
Motorists in Birmingham were stunned to find tickets on their windscreens after contractors painted the lines around their cars in Sheepcote Street, off Broad Street, in the city centre.
The funding will enable the Canal & River Trust and National Trust to turn the Grade II*-listed Roundhouse, in Sheepcote Street, into a base from which to explore Birmingham's canal network.
30am and noon in Broad Street (from Paradise Circus Queensway to Sheepcote Street) and between 11.