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pl.n. Informal
People who are meekly submissive or easily swayed.

[Blend of sheep and people.]


n (functioning as plural)
(Peoples) informal people who tend to follow the majority in matters of opinion, taste, etc
[C20: from sheep + people]
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Yeah, I know, the "killer clowns" answer might not have been "helpful," but it did just as much good as giving S&A answers to the sheeple, and it was a lot more fun for me.
Kev Brewin: "The council won't be in any rush to clean it up as they know the sheeple will still vote them in again, regardless.
A Unison rep called for attendees who did not agree to the proposal to walk out and the sheeple followed - some wearing their matching T-shirts.
A staple meme on the gun-related Internet forums seems to be, "If you carry more firepower than I do, you're paranoid, and if you carry less than I do, you're a pathetic sheeple.
cites the spurious "tyranny in government" quotation to buttress his claim that President Obama plans to institute tyranny, noting that "the sheeple just don't read history books any longer.
I also understand that many sheeple have no concept of a combat mindset and therefore fear the unknown and make feeble attempts to strike out at those who do.
SO LET me get this right, sheeple," the TV exec chuckled at his own joke when his team first brought him the brief for Flockstars.
Her first play Sheeple debuted in New York last year.
They're ready to get out with their silver, guns, and organic honey-but not quite ready to sacrifice fast internet, access to an international airport, and a time zone convenient for Skyping with the doomed sheeple back home.
Mendacious City Council members shafted us poor, hapless, ignorant sheeple again.
Although extensive loafing in a group isn't a prerequisite of herding behaviour, excessive loafing is indeed a strong predictor of the development of sheeple cognitive states and social practices within a group.
People who must have those designer labels might well find themselves described as brand Nazis or sheeple, merely following the flock.