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pl.n. Informal
People who are meekly submissive or easily swayed.

[Blend of sheep and people.]


n (functioning as plural)
(Peoples) informal people who tend to follow the majority in matters of opinion, taste, etc
[C20: from sheep + people]
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I also understand that many sheeple have no concept of a combat mindset and therefore fear the unknown and make feeble attempts to strike out at those who do.
SO LET me get this right, sheeple," the TV exec chuckled at his own joke when his team first brought him the brief for Flockstars.
Her first play Sheeple debuted in New York last year.
The sheeple American people are forced to pay for it as their homes are foreclosed and those that aren't foreclosed are invaded by goon thug SWAT teams.
Cut the funding so they struggle, then slate [the NHS] in the press so sheeple think selling it off is the best thing.
Mendacious City Council members shafted us poor, hapless, ignorant sheeple again.
Although extensive loafing in a group isn't a prerequisite of herding behaviour, excessive loafing is indeed a strong predictor of the development of sheeple cognitive states and social practices within a group.
People who must have those designer labels might well find themselves described as brand Nazis or sheeple, merely following the flock.
This is what they have been practicing for when all the brain dead sheeple were telling us that we did not know what we were talking about.
But don't mistake that for joining the ranks of sheeple who turn up, do the do and go back in their pen until tomorrow.
Landlord and graphic artist Mike Diel, waving his "The Sheeple Are Asleeple" sign at passing cars outside the group's headquarters, said he came to Iowa from Missouri because "I lived the American dream, but my tenants are working two to three jobs to feed their kids, because jobs don't pay enough anymore.
These few, deceptively simple, sentences might be said to sum up Suzanne Meier's new book, Becoming Human Again: From Sheeple to People.