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n. Australian Slang
A girl or young woman.

[From the name Sheila.]


old-fashioned Austral and NZ an informal word for girl, woman
[C19: from the girl's name Sheila]


(ˈʃi lə)

n., pl. -las. Australian Slang.
a girl or young woman.
[generic use of proper name]


n (Austral inf) → Biene f (inf), → Puppe f (inf)
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When a Protest Committee is satisfied that Sheila did change course and that there was a reasonable doubt that Patsy could have crossed ahead, and that Sheila was justified in taking avoiding action by bearing away, then Patsy should be disqualified.
The only member of the family to survive was Sheila Shepherd, daughter of John and Molly.
Sheila Lowe is a world--renowned handwriting expert and the author of two best selling books on the subject.
Peters, then just 20, along with lovers Sheila Garvie and Brian Tevendale were accused of murdering Sheila's husband Max Garvie.
Nels is a jealous and exacting person who demands that Sheila abide by his rules despite the fact that he does not live up to his own high standards.
Then I started receiving weekly e-mail dispatches from Sheila Provencher, a friend I had met a few years back who was now living and working in Baghdad as a member of the Christian Peacemaker Teams.
Since 1993, New York City has a major advocate for the public school children at the New York State Department of Education: Associate Commissioner Sheila Evans-Tranumn.
Aaron Jones, 26, of Los Angeles, was sentenced to three years in prison for abusing Sheila, his girlfriend's German shepherd-mix puppy, which managed to survive despite her injuries.
Parsons The New School for Design will honor Sheila C.
Black Entertainment Television co-founder Sheila Johnson has become the first African American woman to own a stake in three professional sports teams through a partnership with Lincoln Holdings L.
Sheila Escovedo is also an advocate for the Rose Education Foundation and Breast Cancer Foundation.
LIVING next door to Sheila Thomas in Anglesey is pretty special -a sheer delight.