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n. Australian Slang
A girl or young woman.

[From the name Sheila.]


old-fashioned Austral and NZ an informal word for girl, woman
[C19: from the girl's name Sheila]


(ˈʃi lə)

n., pl. -las. Australian Slang.
a girl or young woman.
[generic use of proper name]


n (Austral inf) → Biene f (inf), → Puppe f (inf)
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Sheila Campbell, from Tuebrook, described the meeting, which came 72 years after her father Harry Marsh was killed, as "completely overwhelming".
Sheila and Ronald Hambly, who live in Tonteg, near Pontypridd, were hitched on July 16, 1955.
Nearly five decades ago, it was the home of wealthy Maxwell Garvie, who was murdered by his wife Sheila and her lover Brian Tevendale.
Sheila von Wiese-Mack, 62, was one of these visitors, booked into a five-star hotel ready to soak up the exotic beauty of the island.
Sheila, described by her sister as "beautiful, gentle and kind-hearted", had severe bipolar depression following childhood trauma.
com)-- When British housewife, Sheila Ware came up with a new kitchen accessory to help with food preparation process the last place people expected her to launch it was on Kickstarter.
Sheila is forthright and open in sharing her sadness that Creamy has died.
From 1979 until 1984 Sheila Whitaker built on the work of her predecessor, Nina Hibbin, to make the Tyneside an admired and respected institution in the cinema world.
DAVID and Sheila Bavington have found themselves making the news in the Telegraph over the past four decades.
HER antics as Madge in ITV's sunshine comedy Benidorm have won Sheila Reid millions of fans, but she thought her first audition for the role would be her last.
FITNESS instructor Sheila Frampton has proved its never too late to brush up skills learned in childhood.