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a. Any of several ancient units of weight, especially a Hebrew unit equal to about a half ounce.
b. A gold or silver coin equal in weight to one of these units, especially the chief silver coin of the ancient Hebrews.
c. Variant of sheqel.
2. Slang
a. A coin.
b. shekels Money.

[Hebrew šeqel, from šāqal, to weigh; see ṯql in Semitic roots.]


also shek·el  (shĕk′əl)
n. pl. sheq·al·im (shĕk′ə-lĭm) also shekels
See Table at currency.

[Hebrew šeqel; see shekel.]
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Noun1.shekels - informal terms for moneyshekels - informal terms for money    
money - the most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender; "we tried to collect the money he owed us"
References in classic literature ?
Methinks it is no great stretch of generosity to allow us lambs for the altar of the Lord, receiving in lieu thereof thirty silver shekels per head
That is, if Shekels is out on depredation and I can't get hold of him.
Ay,'' said the Knight, ``to gnaw the bowels of our nobles with usury, and to gull women and boys with gauds and toys I warrant thee store of shekels in thy Jewish scrap.
Not a shekel, not a silver penny, not a halfling so help me the God of Abraham
Back from the coining of the shekels, my dear friend," he exclaimed.
They've got all their own money back, and all of OURN but a shekel or two BESIDES.
Then, no doubt, he taxed them a shekel apiece and let them go.
The largest sums of the budget are earmarked for security with a total of 73 billion shekels, education 64 billion shekels, health 42 billion shekels and national insurance stands at 46 billion shekels, the newspaper said.
Alex Awad, author of "Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People," explained the thinking behind the demand to shift away from using shekels as the primary currency for Palestinians.
8% of wage employees in the private sector received less than the minimum monthly wage of 1,450 shekels (app.
Whereas in 2012 the average monthly rent was 2,567 shekels ($738) per month, in 2016 it had risen to 3,079 shekels ($885) -- a 20% increase.
Coint must be struck that match the beauty of the ancient Tyrian Shekel and be called Palestinian Shekels or Galilean Shekels.