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Adj.1.shelflike - resembling a shelf (or considered to resemble a shelf); "shelflike table"
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Incidentally, as mitochondria become "sick"--such as having their chemical pathways poisoned by toxic metals --they swell with increasing calcium concentration, disrupting their shelflike cristae fold structures, dramatically interrupting the electron transport chain.
While benign strictures typically have a smooth contour and tapered margins (Figures 11 and 12), malignant strictures have a more irregular contour and abrupt, shelflike margins, often associated with mucosal nodularity and ulceration (Figure 13).
1) These lesions typically appear on barium studies as irregular areas of luminal narrowing with shelflike margins (Figure 15).
Among the other pieces in the space were Paul Lee's sparse Untitled (Purple), 2012, an off-kilter, decorative, shelflike structure made from small cut-up towels; Allison Katz's Poires Noires Sand Painting, 2012, a floor piece depicting the black pears of its title in stained sand; and Daniel Sinsel's Untitled, 2013, a brown monochrome grid painted onto a canvas bumpy with hazelnut shells.
Avoid if you have big boobs as they will just create a shelflike effect, making you look larger than you are.
Fruiting bodies: Sessile, shelflike or bracketlike to slightly effused-reflexed, tough and corky when fresh.
Less expensive charcoal and propane-powered grills also come with preparation areas, though much smaller and shelflike, plus tool racks and side-burners.
His choreography--created here under the most trying of circumstances and thrown onto a shelflike stage at the Royal Festival Hall--was not particularly impressive, but his dancing had a most unusual versatility.
On another side, a series of small-scale models for the artist's architectural sculptures rest on shelflike protrusions.
But Graves' theory, published today in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, suggests a different, shelflike structure shaping the earthquake's energy in another way.
Such conditions coincide well with the logic manifested elsewhere in Wohnseifer's work: Take the 2009 series "Canon," in which the artist made quasi-functional shelflike sculptures, reworkings of Gerrit Rietveld's 1923 design for the Berliner Stuhl (which Rietveld himself intended as a DIY set), or Wohnseifer's Prototype for a Mobile Exhibition Space, 2005--an easily shippable, inflatable white cube, able to serve as ready-made gallery space anywhere, on demand.
Reminiscent of Donald Judd's shelflike plywood wall constructions, 4 Ton Vertical Storage formed a pixelated field of light and dark, as the grid suggested by the bins' outer edges contrasted with the shadowy darkness of their interiors.