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a mound of refuse shells, collected by aborigines who subsisted largely on shellfish. See Midden, and Kitchen middens.
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He noted, one Sunday morning, that the Bricklayers' Picnic took place that day at Shell Mound Park, and to Shell Mound Park he went.
Building dams based on shell mounds can protect farmland and rural residences from the impact and erosion caused by waves and wind, and the shell resources in shell mounds can also be used to build dwellings, with the "Oyster Shell House" at Xiaozhou village in Guangzhou as the most typical example (Wang & Zhao 2017).
Ossie plans to travel to the "underworld" with Louis, using an entrance to the realm that lies through "the Eye of the Needle," a narrow waterway between two Calusa shell mounds deep within the twisting canals of the swamps (150, 187).
5 miles through the rolling hills of Coyote Creek Regional Park, home to Ohlone shell mounds and a wooden boardwalk that zigzags through the cattails.
The section on shell mounds and middens (including the effects of different shell types and living surfaces within these) is more useful and should be an encouragement to us to see what happens in Australian and Pacific contexts.
This first Thanksgiving involved the Timuca people, also known as the People of the Shell Mounds, and Pedro Menendez, Spanish Admiral and explorer, and associates.
In addition to tools, the team found shell mounds, which suggested that early settlers feasted on mussels, red abalone, crabs, and other shellfish.
synthesizes interpretations from excavation to investigate social complexity among the hunting and gathering people who built shell mounds in the southern Ohio Valley from 7,000 to 4,000 years ago.
They entered the bay at Boca Sarazota, and selected elevated shell mounds along the shore for their homesites and gardens.
At Tikal, in Guatemala, large shell mounds surround the base of stelae, indicating their sacredness.
Here we differentiate between shell middens and shell mounds based on their morphology.
The Calusa shell mounds are still found in Florida--the Calusa used shells for tools, utensils, jewelry and ornaments for their shrines--they used shell spears for fishing and hunting.