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also shel·lack (shə-lăk′)
1. A purified lac in the form of thin yellow or orange flakes, often bleached white and widely used in varnishes, paints, inks, sealants, and formerly in phonograph records.
2. A thin varnish made by dissolving this substance in denatured alcohol, used to finish wood.
3. An old phonograph record containing this substance, typically played at 78 rpm.
tr.v. shel·lacked, shel·lack·ing, shel·lacs also shel·lacked or shel·lack·ing or shel·lacks
1. To coat or finish with shellac.
2. Slang
a. To strike repeatedly and severely; batter.
b. To defeat decisively.

[shel(l) + lac (translation of French laque en écailles, lac in thin plates).]
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Verb1.shellack - cover with shellac; "She wanted to shellac the desk to protect it from water spots"
varnish, seal - cover with varnish
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But the gramophone record has existed for well over a century, the old shellack 78 for more than half that time, and precious few have survived the attics and junk shops to become valuable historical relics.
Brush a glaze on too early, crank the oven too high and that flavorful finish becomes a scorched blanket of shellack, permanently sealed to the bottom of your roasting pan.