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also shel·ty  (shĕl′tē)
n. pl. shel·ties Informal
1. A Shetland pony.
2. A Shetland sheepdog.

[Probably from Old Norse Hjalti, Shetlander, from Hjaltland, Shetland Islands.]


(ˈʃɛltɪ) or


n, pl -ties
(Breeds) another name for Shetland pony, Shetland sheepdog
[C17: probably from Orkney dialect sjalti, from Old Norse Hjalti Shetlander, from Hjaltland Shetland]


, shelty
n (= Shetland pony)Sheltie nt; (= Shetland sheepdog)Sheltie m
References in classic literature ?
The cavalcade went down the hill at a pace that made Rose cling to her uncle's arm, for the fat old horses got excited by the antics of the ponies careering all about them, and went as fast as they could pelt, with the gay dog-cart rattling in front, for Archie and Charlie scorned shelties since this magnificent equipage had been set up.
She grew up in a family that trained and showed Shelties, and she's been a dog trainer herself since she was 12.
with his girlfriend, Katie, and their two shelties, Halle and Zoe.
Her rescue shelties, Kasey and Penelope, were special to her.
Summers, her husband Steve, and their two Shelties, Bridgey and Autumn, reside in Poland, Ohio, where she produces artworks at Nova 2000 Studio, surrounded by English perennial gardens and Japanese Koiponds.
The sport attracts many of the "bully" breeds, but Dawes has seen, among others, Great Danes, Rat Terriers, Cattle Dogs, Black and Tan Coonhounds, Basenjis, Patterdale Terriers, Boston Terriers, Shelties, and even an Italian Greyhound.
Add to that list a few personal accounts (those that talk about Shelties or belong to family members) and this produces a very wide reaching group of sources
An enthusiastic dog lover, she was devoted to her two shelties Stormy and Sky, whom she referred to as "her boys".
According to fire fighting sources, the incident occurred late on Friday night near Saleem Centre located in Block 13, of Gulshan-e-Iqbal locality, leaving as many as 30 shelties burnt to aches.
These eight-year-old Shelties live with owners Clare and Martin Lumsden in Ayr.
There's a Shetland pony too, with her "knee high to a grasshopper' offspring, both looking very prehistoric, as Shelties do.