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v. shelved, shelv·ing, shelves
1. To place or arrange on a shelf: shelved the products in the grocery store.
2. To put aside as though on a shelf: "As usual, Dixon shelved this question" (Kingsley Amis). See Synonyms at defer1.
3. To cause to retire from service; dismiss: workers who were shelved during the recession.
4. To furnish or outfit with shelves.
To slope gradually; incline: "the hardpan that shelved down to the desert" (Stephen King).

[From shelf (on the model of such pairs as calf, calve).]

shelv′er n.
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Noun1.shelver - a worker who puts things (as books) on shelves
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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For example, shelf order lessons used digital games such as Order in the Library (S2S Utopia, 2004) and Shelver (Mrs.
I spent the rest of that semester reading it in the stacks of the university's library, where I had recently insisted on being hired as the first female shelver.
Larry Shelver, CEO of GeoBio said, 'We are pleased to add El Gas North America and its general manager, Mark Cangany, to our growing company.
Each day the shelver was to take the PocketCirc and scan in all books that were out on the shelving, tables, and carrels.
They mentioned Kerry as their leader, referring to Kerry Shelver, who was the Training and Public Awareness Officer in POWA at the time and who organised the women's rights actions:
With plenty of tips on what to look for in a good shelver, the procedures of training, and what to do when you have to let someone go, "Hiring, Training, and Supervising Library Shelvers" is a choice pick for library science collections.
Shelver, USDA-ARS Animal Metabolism-Agricultural Chemicals Research Unit, Fargo, North Dakota; phone (701) 2391425, e-mail weilin.
SPAM SHELVER after two bites it begins to volley back and forth in your stomach
Limon's Chaconne, danced by Bradley Shelver to the music of Bach, gave us technique rather than emotion, the reverse perhaps of the composer's achievements.
to market the system, said Clayton Shelver, the company's chief executive.
luggage handler, supermarket shelver, part owner of a baseball