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also shek·el  (shĕk′əl)
n. pl. sheq·al·im (shĕk′ə-lĭm) also shekels
See Table at currency.

[Hebrew šeqel; see shekel.]
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By: MENA GAZA CITY -- 26 October 2017: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged Wednesday to earmark New Israeli Sheqel (NIS) 800 million in the upcoming budget for bolstering security provisions in the West Bank during a meeting with heads of settler movements, Ynet reported Wednesday.
5 million Sheqel robbery in warehouses in Jenin, in northern West Bank, and Taffuh town, near Hebron.
Accessible to readers of all backgrounds, The Sheqel examines the complex and evolving field of intelligence gathering, especially with regard to military matters in general and the war on terror in particular.