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Variant of shard.


a variant of shard



also sherd

1. a fragment, esp. of broken earthenware.
2. Zool.
a. a scale.
b. a shell, as of an egg or snail.
c. the hardened forewing of a beetle; elytron.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English sceard, c. Old Frisian skerd, Middle High German scharte, Old Norse skarth; akin to shear]
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Noun1.sherd - a broken piece of a brittle artifactsherd - a broken piece of a brittle artifact
piece - a separate part of a whole; "an important piece of the evidence"
potsherd - a shard of pottery
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For example, pottery sherds were so heavily abraded that it was difficult to find diagnostic rim and base sherds, and identifiable botanical remains were extremely meagre.
The surface finds from the Dillu Roy include a wide range of pottery, plain, painted stamped, incised and sherds with applique decoration.
This paper presents the chemical composition of 26 celadon glazes from sherds recovered during archaeological excavations at Chinese gold mining sites in southeast New South Wales (NSW), Australia.
Using the techniques of computed tomography (CT) and quantitative automated mineralogy, archaeologists can compare the mineralogy of pottery sherds with that of locally sourced clays, and understand the origins of the ceramics from sites under excavation within Qatar.
Till date they have found a few glass bangles, iron nails, fragments of a miniature stone lion, terracotta beads and pottery sherds but no gold.
Nampeyo's original work was inspired by ancient sherds of Hopi pottery unearthed by Jessie Walter Fewkes.
archaeology students, visitors can learn how to excavate authentic 2,000-year-old pot sherds provided by the Smithsonian Institute.
It would be misleading to call it a treasure trove, but lying atop a jumble of nondescript ceramic sherds lay a veritable "diamond in the rough"--a Jesuit ring.
The seal was discovered on the floor of the ancient building, where pottery sherds characteristic of the period were also discovered, as well as evidence of a fire.
The sherds of pottery, for example, gave us a picture of an active trading community.