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also sha·rif  (shə-rēf′)
1. A descendant of the prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatima.
2. The chief magistrate of Mecca in Ottoman times.
3. A Moroccan prince or ruler.

[Arabic šarīf, noble, from šarufa, to be highborn; see śrp in Semitic roots.]


(ʃɛˈriːf) or




n, pl ashraf
1. (Islam) a descendant of Mohammed through his daughter Fatima
2. (Islam) (formerly) the governor of Mecca
3. (Islam) an honorific title accorded to any Muslim ruler
[C16: from Arabic sharīf noble]




1. a governor of Mecca descended from Muhammad.
2. an Arab chief, prince, or ruler.
[1590–1600; < Arabic sharīf exalted (person)]
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