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intr.v. shil·ly-shal·lied (-lēd), shil·ly-shal·ly·ing, shil·ly-shal·lies (-lēz)
1. To procrastinate.
2. To be unable to come to a decision; vacillate.
3. To spend time on insignificant things; dawdle.
Hesitant; vacillating.
n. pl. shil·ly-shal·lies
Procrastination; hesitation.
In a hesitant manner; irresolutely.

[Reduplication of the question shall I?]


[ˈʃɪlɪˌʃælɪɪŋ] Nvacilación f, titubeos mpl
References in classic literature ?
Mrs Crick congratulated Tess on the shilly-shallying having at last come to an end, and said that directly she set eyes on Tess she divined that she was to be the chosen one of somebody who was no common outdoor man; Tess had looked so superior as she walked across the barton on that afternoon of her arrival; that she was of a good family she could have sworn.
The constable, who had been chewing a straw all this while with great philosophy, replied that if they went away at once they would have time enough, but that if they stood shilly-shallying there, any longer, they must go straight to the Mansion House; and finally expressed his opinion that that was where it was, and that was all about it.
I VOTED to leave the EU and I am still firmly of the same opinion, despite the horror stories and the shilly-shallying of our politicians, who clearly don't know what they are doing or where they are going.
on AXN (channel 49 on SKYCable and Destiny), Cos goes out on a limb to see how different audiences-from curious bystanders to shilly-shallying Asian celebrities-in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines react to his flourishing arsenal of tricks.
So when someone like Williamson - who kept a tarantula spider on his desk when Chief Whip - speaks his mind without shilly-shallying about, he simply shocks traditional parliamentarians yet is applauded by the public at large.
I suspect that Westminster Tory political dogma is behind the shilly-shallying and obstructionist moves - they don't like the Welsh government aim of ending the wasteful franchise system and moving to something less complicated and more responsive to our needs.
Then, too, the shilly-shallying of the forces of law and order under police chief Ronny Alsheikh over how to handle the influx of hundreds of deeply committed pro-settlement youths and the holdouts among the residents who were determined to stay put in Amona buildings come what may.
So there does not seem any sense in shilly-shallying the decision to implement bulk SMS service to make your business marketing campaign an unsullied success.
Ms Griffith said Labour "can't be shilly-shallying about" on Trident, but added the UK must push for multilateral disarmament.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- After the discussions on one man's regime, after endless attempts to change the Constitution for a "civil one" and finally after all this shilly-shallying on a "Turkish-style presidency," here we are: the French-style presidential regime for Turkey.
In the past, there have been shilly-shallying on the part of Government in exposing the terrorists and separatists and their network all over the province and outside Pakistan.
Our interpretation was that they were deliberately shilly-shallying," Alastair said.