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Noun1.shin guard - a stiff protective garment worn by hockey players or a catcher in baseball to protect the shinsshin guard - a stiff protective garment worn by hockey players or a catcher in baseball to protect the shins
protective garment - clothing that is intended to protect the wearer from injury
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Features include the company's Brush Tuff material that stands up to unforgiving brush and briars, a new abrasion-resistant shin guard and an upper that has a moisture-wicking jersey liner that can easily be rolled down in warm temperatures.
Tackles causing injuries frequently produce tears or damage to the shin guard.
This incredible technology is available in sports bags, t-shirts, shin guard pads, shoe inserts, skull caps, and helmet pads.
Match funding of pounds 6,500 has been given towards Redbacks, which has developed after initially being created as a shin guard for footballers.
ESTABLISHED DISTRIBUTOR of shin guard tape in 350 stores/pro shops across US and Canada.
But the minor roots that the sport has established so far in America have been put down neither by the immigrant fans nor the Saturday morning shin guard posse but instead by cultural tourists like those who watch each Sunday with me, returned refugees from junior years abroad.
Shin guard, nonballistic, protects the feet, shin, and knees
DEBUT boy Brian Reid hit a wonder goal to get his Dunfermline career off to a dream start - then revealed his shin guard was snapped in two after an horrific second half tackle.
We went shin versus shin and he has a shin guard, so he won," Codiroli said.
Parker Athletic is introducing a new lightweight shin guard which molds to the body and solidifies when first exposed to moisture.
So try shrinking to such a tiny size that you can slip down his shin guard and spy on him.