shin splints

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shin splints

also shin·splints (shĭn′splĭnts′)
pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
A painful condition of the shins caused by inflammation of muscles and connective tissue, frequently occurring among runners.

shin splints



(Pathology) (functioning as singular or plural) a painful swelling of the front lower leg, associated with muscle or bone inflammation, and common among athletes and other sportspeople

shin′ splints`

(used with a pl. v.)
a painful condition of the front lower leg associated with muscle strain or stress of the tibia from strenuous activity.
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Noun1.shin splints - painful inflammation of the muscles around the shinsshin splints - painful inflammation of the muscles around the shins; frequent among runners
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
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He also appeared to struggle going down stairs due to his injury, which is either acute shin splints or a stress fracture, and was rushed off to se a physiotherapist as soon as he finished giving interviews and speaking to well-wishers at the finish line.
Bishop - in severe pain for the final stint after being diagnosed with acute shin splints - finished to the Liverpool FC anthem You'll Never Walk Alone.
James Bolton, 22, is a former Bury Youth and Preston North End and Burnley reserves keeper who has been out of football for a year with shin splints but is now fully recovered.
Ross sat out Saturday's 4-3 defeat at Falkirk, as did 10-goal striker Iain Russell, who has shin splints.
I keep thinking it's just shin splints, but it won't go away and seems to be getting worse.
The former Derby striker has a problem with shin splints and manager Walter Smith will be hoping that he will be fit to take part in their final friendly against Newcastle on Saturday.
THREADBARE Rangers are facing a fresh injury sweat after it was revealed star striker Kenny Miller is suffering from shin splints.
Tait, who missed Friday night's victory over the Lions with a bout of shin splints, is confident he will be ready to play at Canterbury.
He told PGA Tour officials he was withdrawing for "personal reasons," although his agent told The Associated Press it was because of shin splints.
By early spring, they're arriving en masse, with pulled muscles, aching knees, and shin splints.
Michael Powell, who has been suffering from shin splints for some time, is rested.
He had a critical shin splints op last summer and now Sean Davies, Pedro Mendes, Michael Carrick and Michael Brown have leapt in front of him in the pecking order.