shin splints

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shin splints

also shin·splints (shĭn′splĭnts′)
pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
A painful condition of the shins caused by inflammation of muscles and connective tissue, frequently occurring among runners.

shin splints



(Pathology) (functioning as singular or plural) a painful swelling of the front lower leg, associated with muscle or bone inflammation, and common among athletes and other sportspeople

shin′ splints`

(used with a pl. v.)
a painful condition of the front lower leg associated with muscle strain or stress of the tibia from strenuous activity.
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Noun1.shin splints - painful inflammation of the muscles around the shinsshin splints - painful inflammation of the muscles around the shins; frequent among runners
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
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An orthopedist told me I have shin splints but not a stress fracture.
Radiotracer uptake in localized focal pattern was labeled as stress fracture, in linear pattern along the periosteum as sub-periosteal reaction or periostitis, linear uptake in poster medial distal tibial aspects as medial tibial stress syndrome or shin splints and up take at insertion sites of major lower limb muscles as activity induced enthesopathy, respectively.
Shin splints (Runners leg) is not a specific diagnosis, it is merely a descriptive term, and it is no more specific than headache or chest pain (Pecina and Bojanic 2005, p.
A Shin splints are the result of stress on the connective tissue between your shinbone (tibia) and the surrounding muscle.
Anthony Cunningham's side face the Metropolitans in the Leinster semi-final on the last day of May, and Cooney is hoping to shake off a bout of shin splints in time to prove his fitness for that clash.
Jones was an ever-present during the club's pre-season tour of the United States, but he strained his hamstring during England's win against Switzerland in September and, as soon as he returned, he suf-suf fered shin splints and missed seven matches.
But when shin splints forced him to leave the Army, Cawthorne started taking drugs and got into debt.
QI am a keen runner and have recently been told I have shin splints.
Pappel suffered shin splints while warming up for her preliminary races on Friday, but still managed to finish second in both hurdle finals during the OSAA Class 5A girls track and field championships Saturday at Hayward Field.
A From the symptoms you describe it sounds as if you could be suffering with the painful condition known as shin splints.
The shin wraps are "perfect for athletes and runners recovering from shin splints and stress fractures," while the knee wrap is "a perfect solution for sprains, swelling, arthritis and post-exercise soreness," says director of strategic marketing Candice Beitler.
Bishop - in severe pain for the final stint after being diagnosed with acute shin splints - finished to the Liverpool FC anthem You'll Never Walk Alone.