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n. pl. shin·dies
1. A commotion; an uproar. Also called shindig.
2. See shindig.

[Perhaps alteration of shinny.]


n, pl -dies
1. a quarrel or commotion (esp in the phrase kick up a shindy)
2. another word for shindig
[C19: variant of shinty]


(ˈʃɪn di)

n., pl. -dies. Informal.
1. a row; rumpus.
2. a shindig.
[1810–20; unexplained alter. of obsolete shinty row]


 a row; a commotion; a spree, 1821.
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Noun1.shindy - a large and noisy party of people
party - a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"


A big, exuberant party:
Slang: bash, blast, blowout.


[ˈʃɪndɪ] N (= noise) → conmoción f, escándalo m; (= brawl) → jaleo m, bronca f
to kick up a shindyarmar un jaleo or una bronca


n (inf)Radau m (inf); (= noise also, dispute)Krach m (inf)


[ˈʃɪndɪ] n (fam) (noise) → gazzarra, casino; (brawl) → rissa
to kick up a shindy → fare casino
References in classic literature ?
Now I was brought up in a park where there were deer; of course I knew them as well as I did a sheep or a cow, but they are not common, and I know many sensible horses who are frightened at them, and who kick up quite a shindy before they will pass a paddock where there are deer.
Other Award winners were Captain Mona Shindy of New South Wales, who was named 2015 Telstra Business Woman of the Year and joint winner of the Government and Academia Award with Commissioner Carroll, Jessica May from the ACT who took home the Start-Up Award, South Australia s Kate Thiele who received the For Purpose and Social Enterprise Award and Kim Tran from Western Australia who won the Young Business Women s Award.
Muslim Captain Mona Shindy who serves at Royal Australian Navy was the recipient of special award of year.
In one incident, two men were attacked by their neighbours and sent out of their village in Al-Minya in 2013, after one of them, Atteya Guirguis Atteya, posted "an offensive photo of Al-Kba", the holy Muslim building in Mecca, and the other Mansour Shindy, "liked" it.
Detective Constable Shindy Nota said: "We are pleased that the court recognised the severity of this crime and imposed such a lengthy sentence.
Learning mentor Shindy Mahal, who guided Victoria Park Primary pupils in the project, said: "The school council had lots of fun and learned about the different trees.
HEADING TO UNIVERSITY: Martyn Gray, Nadine Naguib, Jim Chen, Jonathan Smith, Shindy Lall, Tom Chen
As love bands go, they're pretty engaging, so get yourself over to the university for what is bound to be a pretty impressive shindy.
Then an expectant hush was shattered by the Royal Orchestra, which broke into an astonishing musical shindy.
The Jeremy Noseda-trained Rock Of Gibraltar colt survived a stewards' inquiry after causing interference with Shindy and, surprisingly, Kelly avoided picking up a suspension.
This was our first military operation and we chose the oil fields because this is the wealth of Sudan, which this government is not sharing with all of its people," said Ali Abd al-Rahim al Shindy, leader of the group that carried out the attack.
LACAC reported that 26 percent of the water from water vending machines had a heterotrophic plate count (HPC) of greater than 500 colony forming units per milliliter (CFUs/mL), averaging 1,306 CFUs/mL, with five sites positive for total coliform bacteria and one site positive for fecal coliform bacteria (Fiksdal & Shindy, 1998).