shine down


w>shine down

viherabscheinen (→ on auf +acc)
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I noticed then the broad shadow on the horizon, extinguishing the low stars completely, while those overhead, when I looked up, seemed to shine down on us through a veil of smoke.
Jessica Parson, 22, who was on the Quayside last night said: "The firemen were using special lights to shine down on a section of the river.
In the second half, as the sun finally started to shine down, the Rhinos took the lead and managed to hold on by sheer grit and determination - holding up three tries - to finish winners at the final whistle.
According to the company, moisture can get into "puddle lights" that shine down from underneath the doors to illuminate the ground around the car.
The 49-year-old is the latest Scot to shine down south and he said: "The one thing our country is not short of is a good coach and a good manager.
The sun will shine down, over old London town and this beautiful picture you'll see.
WALES star Rhys Priestland believes Wales have extra reason to shine Down Under next month - World Cup rankings.
If the hockey Gods shine down on us we will take it but we can't get away from what we have to do.
A sun, shine down, can make you swoon A black cloud can fill you with gloom A letter through the door.
I believe that when I die, I hope to continually shine down on those I love and guide them the best I can.
One solution is as easy as making sure lights shine down, instead of up.
Shafts of direct sunlight are carefully choreographed to shine down directly onto the altar, their intensity emphasized by the sepulchral semi-darkness of the surroundings.