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1. A person who positions the structural pieces of a ship for riveting and welding.
2. A sailor in the US Navy who does sheet-metal work and plumbing on board a ship.


a shipyard worker employed to build and repair shipsa person in the navy who does the sheet metal and plumbing work on a ship


(ˈʃɪpˌfɪt ər)

a person who forms plates, shapes, etc., of ships according to plans, patterns, or molds.
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Traditionally, an engineer will communicate a ship's design to a skilled craftsman or worker--a shipfitter, a painter, a pipefitter, an inspector--using 2D drawings.
1986) (holding that the navigable waters of the United States extend to high seas beyond territorial waters for a shipfitter injured during the sea trial of a vessel); Cove Tankers Corp.
In the growing shipbuilding industry along the Gull Coast, not only is it difficult to find skilled workers to fill open positions, but the problem is also compounded because various shipyards have different definitions of what a welder or shipfitter does.
Southward, son of a shipfitter, attended Liverpool Collegiate.
GEORGE BARNES worked as a shipfitter at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard for 25 years, from 1967 to 1992.
He worked as an assistant chief shipfitter during World War II, and, after attending Brooklyn Tech in New York, joined his two uncles in the printing business.
Lloyd Duncan, a civilian shipfitter employed at the Navy Yard at Honolulu, was tried and sentenced to imprisonment by a provost court for assaulting two Marine sentries on duty at the Navy Yard.
One case involved Lloyd Duncan, a civilian shipfitter employed in the Navy Yard at Honolulu.
Joe Blum, a veteran Bay Area boilermaker, welder and shipfitter with twenty-five-plus years experience, retired from the shipyards in 1997; since then he was the Dispatcher for Boilermakers Local Lodge #6 and until June 2002, the Recording Secretary.
Shipfitter 3rd Class Duane Essenpreis said, "It was a very disheartening sight to see the wounded men die before your very eyes and be so helpless.
Sally becomes a radical rank-and-file activist (historically, she joined the CP, but mum's the word about that in the 1950s) fighting with a strong core of others, including a wonderful old shipfitter (also a CPer), for a democratic union.
173) In Ingalls, Jefferson Yates, who worked as a shipfitter for Ingalls, was exposed to asbestos and was diagnosed with pulmonary disease resulting from his asbestos exposure.