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tr.v. shirred, shirr·ing, shirrs
1. To gather (cloth) into decorative rows by parallel stitching.
2. To cook (raw eggs removed from the shell) by baking.

[Origin unknown.]
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construction in driver~s style with keystone thumb, shirred elastic wrist, unlined, bluehemmed cuffing.
The Penbrooke Shirred Waist Swimsuit flatters with a deep V-neckline and shirred bodice.
In the Ricardo Preto main line were wide-leg pants with sporty stripes; a narrow bomber jacket that won't look out of place even in the boardroom; easy shirtdresses and shirred dresses; well-cut culottes and pants; lightweight outerwear and blazers.
The bridesmaids wore matching teal bobbinet dresses, featuring sweetheart illusion necklines, shirred bodices with keyhole backs, and shirred above-the-knee skirts of cascading tiers.
Fried * Scrambled * Shirred * Steamed * Poached * Poached scrambled eggs * Eggs en cocotte * Eggs Benedict * Eggs Florentine * Frittata * Spanish tortilla * Torta * Strata * Quiche * Omelet * Timbale * Egg casserole * Egg foo yong * Avgolemono soup * Egg drop soup * Huevos rancheros * Migas * Croque madame * Egg salad
This shirred woven dress, pounds 6 from Primark, looks lovely worn with a denim waistcoat, also pounds 6.
It includes colourful, hooked and prodded rugs, subtle, shirred and braided rugs, and even a stunning rag rug birthday cake
Safari in style with XCVI's cargo gear for fashionistas, including sand-toned shirred blazers ($132), ruched skirts ($88) and more at Foxy Lady, 481 John Ringling Blvd.
01 PICK and mix some of the summer's hottest trends, teaming bright leather gladiator sandals (pounds 12), with an embroidered panel waist skirt (pounds 7), boho shirred T-shirt (pounds 5), and boho disc earrings (pounds 2), all from Primark.
For the shirred peacock egg: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.