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Noun1.shirt button - a button on a shirtshirt button - a button on a shirt      
button - a round fastener sewn to shirts and coats etc to fit through buttonholes
shirt - a garment worn on the upper half of the body
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Norris could fidget about the room, and disturb everybody in quest of two needlefuls of thread or a second-hand shirt button, in the midst of her nephew's account of a shipwreck or an engagement, everybody else was attentive; and even Lady Bertram could not hear of such horrors unmoved, or without sometimes lifting her eyes from her work to say, "Dear me
In the society of Mr Rugg, who had a round white visage, as if all his blushes had been drawn out of him long ago, and who had a ragged yellow head like a worn-out hearth broom; and in the society of Miss Rugg, who had little nankeen spots, like shirt buttons, all over her face, and whose own yellow tresses were rather scrubby than luxuriant; Mr Pancks had usually dined on Sundays for some few years, and had twice a week, or so, enjoyed an evening collation of bread, Dutch cheese, and porter.
Approximately the size of a shirt button and less than 100mm2 in size, an ALT1250 module features support for both Release 13 standards CAT-M1 and NB1, and includes a wideband RF front-end supporting unlimited combinations of LTE bands within a single hardware design, a multi-layered and hardware-based security framework, an internal application MCU subsystem and packaging that enables standard, low-cost PCB manufacturing.
THE rarest diamond ever found is set to sell for more than PS12million next month - despite only being as big as a shirt button.
A gentleman fears before going to the police station, but a goon enters the police station with his shirt button open and a scarf in his hand," said Swaraj.
She bent down to pick it up and at that moment her hair got caught on my shirt button.
The forensic evidences to which the police are reportedly referring to are a piece of cloth, a shirt button and some fingerprints picked up from inside the car in which Shobha's body was found.
She heard his shirt rip as she did so - and a shirt button was later found on the floor.
The EM250 integrates a programmable microprocessor, RF radio, network protocol stack and memory into a tiny, single-chip solution smaller than a shirt button.
They can be so small that an array of as many as four or five miniature sensors could be built on a chip the size of a shirt button.
Peter and his colleagues have packed intricate machinery into the silicon device the size of a shirt button.
The Peter Pan in me wants to wear the latest skinny jeans, wear flash colours and have my top shirt button fastened.