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1. The part of a shirt that extends below the waist, especially in the back.
2. A brief addition at the end of a newspaper article.
1. Very young: shirttail kids.
2. Of little value; inadequate or small: a shirttail cabin in the woods.



1. the part of a shirt below the waistline.
2. immature in behavior.
3. Midland U.S. of distant relation, esp. by marriage.
4. to append or add (an item) to a discussion or writing.
[1835–45, Amer.]
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Noun1.shirttail - a brief addendum at the end of a newspaper article
news article, news story, newspaper article - an article reporting news
appendix - supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book
2.shirttail - fabric forming the tail of a shirt
cloth, fabric, textile, material - artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; "the fabric in the curtains was light and semitransparent"; "woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC"; "she measured off enough material for a dress"
shirt - a garment worn on the upper half of the body
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With buttons up the back and two sleeve lengths, the top has built-in options for custom touches like a contrast button placket and banded or shirttail hems.
Galco s V-Hawk and SkyOps work equally well, but due to the simple Y-Hook belt fastener of the latter, I find it easier to get into when wearing it with a tucked-in shirttail.
The extra long dress shirttail bottom will be finished with a
On March 19, A$AP, who performed in Austin, Texas, wearing a red-and-white-striped long-sleeved shirt (as seen in picture above), with what appears to be a number of tzitzit sewn into the shirttail.
Clean microfiber or cotton cloth works fine, but it's a good idea not to rub the lenses of your scope with a shirttail after a few days in hunting camp.
The book goes on to describe the unexplainable events that followed, such as after the doll came into his home, Kevin noticed some minor activity in his home such as the feeling of a small hand tugging on his shirttail, the sound of a little girl giggling and the doll itself changing positions.
Rockmaster bits have patented shirttail protection along the leading edge and advanced cutting structures that extend life when used in extreme conditions.
Gamboling on to the next shot, he was forever tucking in his shirttail and hitching his pants.
He began his idiosyncratic service routine--wiping sweat from the racket handle with his shirttail, squaring away his visor, and executing a single, vigorous tug on the crotch of his shorts.
The bit features a contoured shirttail to reduce heat on the seal area and carbide inserts on the shirt-tail to increase the life of the shirttail and seals.
Menswear heritage is re-imagined with a feminine hand, from shirtdresses to long-sleeved jumpsuits and shirttail hems.