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n. Slang
Variant of schlemiel.


or shle•miel


n. Slang.
an awkward and unlucky person for whom things never turn out right.
[1890–95; < Yiddish shlemil < Hebrew shəlumī'ēl Shelumiel, a Biblical figure]
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Noun1.shlemiel - (Yiddish) a dolt who is a habitual bungler
Yiddish - a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
simpleton, simple - a person lacking intelligence or common sense
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These include both direct and indirect statements of Jewish identity; the insertion of Hebrew and Yiddish loan words and syntactical features into otherwise standard American speech; the invocation of cultural and ritual signifiers; and the construction of a shlemiel or nebbish character as speaker and protagonist.
After ART, he stayed in New York for about two years, then went on tour with ART founding artistic director Robert Brustein's adaptation of Isaac Bashevis Singer's Shlemiel the First, which toured to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and then to the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.
A Jew could be a shlemiel, a shlemazl, a shmo, a shmegegge, a shlepper, a shnorrer, a shtarker, a zhlub, a nudnik, a gonef, or a shmuck.
Yiddish Slang Dictionary--The next time you're at a party and someone calls you a shlemiel when you spill your soda, whip out the Yiddish Slang Dictionary on your smartphone for an appropriate retort.
neurosis, and Vincenzo is depicted as a stock character shlemiel for as
SHLEMIEL, SHLEMAZEL, SHLE-OPERA: What happens when Hollywood's king of Comedy Garry Marshall directs ``The Grand Duchess,'' an operetta by French composer Jacques Offenbach?
My Life, a sort of shlemiel story, has its protagonist, Misail, reaching his rueful conclusion after trying to live as authentically as he can.
I think," Watson asseverated, drawing upon his cutting-edge research at the Institute, "that it goes back to Yale's bris, when his petseleh suffered at the hands of a mohel who was a bit of a shlemiel, leaving him with a shlecht shlang, that is, a plotzed putz, or, if you will, a shvachkeit in his shvantz.
Swenson is a self-indulgent, soulless shlemiel who should have seen a dentist, but who wanted sex with an undergraduate Cruella DeVil.
When Grossman reintroduces Sholem Aleichem's Mod the Cantor's Son as Momik's companion, he is reintroducing the shtetl as venue for the Hebrew narrative, Jewish humor as its vehicle, and the shlemiel as its hero.
So it was not only great fun but also tremendously satisfying to watch David Gordon's staging of Shlemiel the First, Robert Brustein's adaptation of the play by I.
Shlemiel the First, a klezmer musical set in Chelm, the village of fools imagined by Isaac Bashevis Singer in his stories, opens Tuesday at New York University's Skirball Center, with regular performances through the end of the month (through Dec.