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shoal 1

1. A shallow place in a body of water.
2. A sandy elevation of the bottom of a body of water, constituting a hazard to navigation; a sandbank or sandbar.
v. shoaled, shoal·ing, shoals
To become shallow: The river shoals suddenly here from eight to two fathoms.
1. To make shallow: The approach to the harbor was shoaled in the storm.
2. To come or sail into a shallower part of.
Having little depth; shallow.

[Middle English shold, shallow, shallows, from Old English sceald, shallow.]

shoal 2

1. A large school of fish or other aquatic animals.
2. A large group; a crowd: a shoal of advisers.
intr.v. shoaled, shoal·ing, shoals
To come together in large numbers: The fish were shoaling.

[Probably Middle Low German or Middle Dutch schōle; see skel- in Indo-European roots.]
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We most often are fishing for shoals of fish--or shoaling fish--as in "a shoaling group of smallmouths relating loosely to each other as they move around on a rock hump.
bulboglossa is externally visible, one of the main fish parasites in Morice Lake, and is known to influence fish shoaling behavior and shoal choice (Krause and Godin 1994b, Krause and Godin, in press).
Second, passive segregation, whereby individuals of different species (or body size classes) become separated owing to different modes of locomotion, could result in assortative shoaling.