shock treatment

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Noun1.shock treatment - treatment of certain psychotic states by the administration of shocks that are followed by convulsionsshock treatment - treatment of certain psychotic states by the administration of shocks that are followed by convulsions
therapy - (medicine) the act of caring for someone (as by medication or remedial training etc.); "the quarterback is undergoing treatment for a knee injury"; "he tried every treatment the doctors suggested"; "heat therapy gave the best relief"
ECT, electroconvulsive therapy, electroshock, electroshock therapy - the administration of a strong electric current that passes through the brain to induce convulsions and coma
insulin shock therapy, insulin shock treatment, insulin shock - the administration of sufficient insulin to induce convulsions and coma
metrazol shock, metrazol shock therapy, metrazol shock treatment - the administration of sufficient Metrazol to induce convulsions and coma
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pressure of 315 Pa suitable for mounting on 24 TR AC plant of make- Voltas Duly colour printed shock treatment chart on glossy paper of standard size with instruction in English & Urdu language and figures having hanging arrangement with wooden frame & glass cover.
That shock treatment seemed to do the trick and Birmingham's Prodigal
But the trauma led to severe depression and ultimately electric shock treatment that stripped her of her memories.
Kaufman's improvised street performances, his 30 (or more) arrests, Jewish and Caribbean roots, involuntary shock treatment, and decade-long vow of silence are touched on in Billy Woodberry's And When I Die, I Won't Stay Dead, a new documentary that honors the poet's work and life.
To learn more or read the Association's new consumer Guide, Shock Treatment, go to www.
In 2003 prison officer Neville Husband was jailed for sexually abusing inmates at the centre, which was notorious for its short, sharp shock treatment in the 1970s-1980s and closed in 1988.
The actress speaks about her nervous breakdown and electric shock treatment, as well as her four marriages and the night she once spent with her onscreen husband, actor Charlie Lawson.
He continued to refuse to cooperate with the police and they gave him the shock treatment.
The shock treatment seemed to have worked with the sport's world governing body taking several remedial steps to ensure wrestling kept pace with the times.
Lee was given emergency shock treatment by paramedics using a defibrillator before being taken to the Infirmary.
4 trillion into the economy over the next two years, administering unprecedented financial shock treatment to end two decades of growth stagnation through bold monetary expansion.
There are many cable operators who believe that the analogue service should continue once the deadline ends, others are in an opinion that such a shock treatment will help speed up the process of digitization.