shoe industry

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Noun1.shoe industry - an industry that manufactures and sells shoes
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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The new plant will produce materials of polyethylene of linear low density manufactured by the technology of metallocene, polyolefin blastomrat, and polyolefin rubber to meet the growing needs in a variety of industrial sectors, such as advanced packaging, automotive, health care, shoe industry, and electrical and lighting industry.
We are an independent institution that pursues the vision of sharing the truths of the running shoe industry, and to help consumers choose the right running shoes.
00) surveys the sport shoe industry from the earliest sneakers to the latest renditions, covering classic footwear from Nike Air to Adidas in more modern times.
On opening the facility which is the first of its kind in Pakistan, Ms Adamson said it would usher in a new level of competitiveness for the Pakistan shoe industry by manufacturing plastic shoe-lasts the foundation of any shoe traditionally imported from India, China or Italy.
This rapid ascent from farming community to center of industry was mostly fueled by the boot and shoe industry, but also by a thriving garment and textile industry.
Some shoe industry officials had been concerned that the massive Dragon Mart exhibition center that had been planned for Quintana Roo state would have made it easier for Chinese shoes to enter the Mexican market (SourceMex, May 1, 2013).
I believe that it will change not only Belarusian but the whole world s shoe industry.
For Haiti, TOMS has made a five-year commitment to produce millions of its giving shoes in-country--and to support the growth of a sustainable Haitian shoe industry.
About a hundred runners from the eastern suburb of Marikina, known for its flourishing shoe industry, wore at least three-inch heels as they ran along a 500 metre track.
As the shoe industry continues to push the boundaries of heel height, Dr.
However, I soon realised I really missed working in the children's shoe industry.
Al-Assa stressed the importance of providing necessary support to shoe industry, removing standing obstacles and difficulties facing the export of the Syrian products as to increase their quality to open new markets for them.