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1. A rectangular, usually cardboard box used for holding a pair of shoes.
2. Something resembling or suggestive of such a box, as a plain, rectangular building or a cramped room.
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Noun1.shoebox - a structure resembling a shoebox (as a rectangular building or a cramped room or compartment)
structure, construction - a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"
2.shoebox - an oblong rectangular (usually cardboard) box designed to hold a pair of shoes
box - a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid; "he rummaged through a box of spare parts"
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The widower of murdered Michaela Harte McAreavey, travelled to the former Soviet state on Thursday as a volunteer with Team Hope Ireland and its Christmas Shoebox Appeal.
Ae Allsorts had a busy run up to Christmas with a talk by Pat Jardine on the work of Samaritans Purse Shoebox Appeal.
Through their fabulous efforts they raised PS230 for the Operation Christmas Shoebox appeal.
National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts - Monday through Nov.
KANSAS CITY -- Hallmark's Shoebox brand is launching a new collection of greeting cards developed in partnership with the comedy brand Funny or Die.
THE ANNUAL BLYTHSWOOD Centre Christmas Shoebox appeal completed 123 shoeboxes for delivery to children and young people across Eastern Europe.
SOUTH Wales is opening its heart this Christmas with donations of shoebox presents.
Anyone wanting to donate a shoebox should call Highfield's on 01484 428243 to arrange a collection or drop your gift into Highfield Funeral Service, West Croft, 144 Trinity Street Huddersfield, HD1 4DT between 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.
You can drop your shoebox off at either the warehouse in Holystone Industrial Estate, off Argyle Street, Hebburn, between 9.
Organizers of Project Shoebox, a gift-giving campaign of a college sorority and the Philippine Army that has so far benefited nearly a quarter million public schoolchildren, have decided that they will be reaching out next to those outside of the box but close enough to it.
A BIG-hearted Liverpool restaurant is backing the Shoebox Full of Love campaign to help homeless people in the city.
A shoebox gift can provide them with toys, hygiene items and school supplies that will really help to make a difference.