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v. shop·lift·ed, shop·lift·ing, shop·lifts
To steal merchandise from a store.
To steal (merchandise) from a store.

shop′lift′er n.
shop′lift′ing n.


a person who steals goods from a shop during shopping hours


(ˈʃɒpˌlɪf tər)

a person who steals goods from a retail store while posing as a customer.
shop′lift`, v.t., v.i.
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Noun1.shoplifter - a thief who steals goods that are in a storeshoplifter - a thief who steals goods that are in a store
stealer, thief - a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it
سارِق مَعْروضات المَتاجِر
krámský zloděj
bolti tolvaj
vykrádač obchodov
dükkân hırsızı


[ˈʃɒpˌlɪftəʳ] Nratero/a m/f, ladrón/a m/f (de tiendas)


[ˈʃɒplɪftər] nvoleur/euse m/f à l'étalage


[ˈʃɒpˌlɪftəʳ] ntaccheggiatore/trice


(ʃop) noun
1. a place where goods are sold. a baker's shop.
2. a workshop, or a place where any kind of industry is carried on. a machine-shop.
verbpast tense, past participle shopped
(often go shopping) to visit shops for the purpose of buying. We shop on Saturdays; She goes shopping once a week.
ˈshopper noun
1. a person who is shopping. The street was full of shoppers.
2. a large bag used when shopping.
ˈshopping noun
1. the activity of buying goods in shops. Have you a lot of shopping to do?; (also adjective) a shopping-list.
2. the goods bought. He helped her carry her shopping home; (also adjective) a shopping-basket / bag.
shop assistant (American ˈsalesclerk, *clerk)
a person employed in a shop to serve customers.
shop floor
the workers in a factory or workshop, as opposed to the management.
ˈshopkeeper noun
a person who runs a shop of his own.
ˈshoplifter noun
a person who steals goods from a shop.
ˈshoplifting noun
shopping centre
a place, often a very large building, where there is a large number of different shops.
shopping mall noun
(also mall) (American) a shopping centre in which traffic is usually not allowed.
shop around
to compare prices, quality of goods etc at several shops before buying anything.
References in classic literature ?
There's Major ,' says she, 'he was an eminent pickpocket; there's Justice Ba r, was a shoplifter, and both of them were burnt in the hand; and I could name you several such as they are.
This was the latest instance of a shoplifter attacking store employees instead of relenting after being caught attempting to leave with stolen goods.
A spokeswoman for the police said the member of staff was injured in the car park while chasing a suspected shoplifter who had allegedly left the store without paying for eight bottles of Jack Daniels.
Pure contempt: Serial shoplifter Dean Grundell locked up after making threats to Examiner reporter 26 weeks in prison which won't actually amount to that as its generally half of what's dealt for some reason.
While most shoplifting stories aren't this dramatic, and while Clubb would never recommend you approach a shoplifter who has a knife, it's one of several stories he has to tell.
A customer in the shop shortly after the incident told the Daily Post: "I heard a member of staff tell another shoplifter had smashed a bottle over his head.
And today he has revealed the tell-tale signs that give even the most seasoned shoplifter away an experienced security guard.
Dhu-AlHijjah 24, 1436, October 08, 2015, SPA -- Police say a woman in a Home Depot parking lot fired shots at the SUV of a fleeing shoplifter in southeastern Michigan, according to AP.
READER Joe Plunkett condones the actions of serial shoplifter Kim Farry, saying basically shops deserve what they get for ripping off customers.
They steal for themselves and for family and friends and are not as easily dissuaded as the impulse shoplifter.
They steal for themselves and for family and EfilignSEMSEE friends and are not as easily dissuaded as the impulse shoplifter.