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1. Tarnished, frayed, faded, or otherwise defective from being on display in a store.
2. Worn-out, as from overuse; trite: shopworn anecdotes.


the US word for shopsoiled


(ˈʃɒpˌwɔrn, -ˌwoʊrn)

1. worn or marred, as goods exposed and handled in a store.
2. trite; hackneyed.
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Adj.1.shopworn - worn or faded from being on display in a store; "shopworn merchandise at half price"
worn - affected by wear; damaged by long use; "worn threads on the screw"; "a worn suit"; "the worn pockets on the jacket"
2.shopworn - repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse; "bromidic sermons"; "his remarks were trite and commonplace"; "hackneyed phrases"; "a stock answer"; "repeating threadbare jokes"; "parroting some timeworn axiom"; "the trite metaphor `hard as nails'"
unoriginal - not original; not being or productive of something fresh and unusual; "the manuscript contained unoriginal emendations"; "his life had been unoriginal, conforming completely to the given pattern"- Gwethalyn Graham


References in classic literature ?
Even half a year of the sausage machines and the fertilizer mill had not been able to kill the thought of Christmas in them; there was a choking in Jurgis' throat as he recalled that the very night Ona had not come home Teta Elzbieta had taken him aside and shown him an old valentine that she had picked up in a paper store for three cents--dingy and shopworn, but with bright colors, and figures of angels and doves.
But each country views the other's shopworn slogan as a source of menace.
shopworn, prototype, experimental, demonstrator, or discontinued models are not
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron responded to the deaths of 30 British citizens in Tunisia by trotting out the same shopworn drivel that western leaders have been peddling for the past 14 years.
The lineup kicks off on July 3 with Stanwyck in a trio of Frank Capra pre-Code classics featuring the 1930 romance LADIES OF LEISURE, the film that made Stanwyck a star, followed by the 1933 war drama THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN, and 1932's FORBIDDEN with Ralph Bellamy and Adolphe Menjou; the celebration continues on July 10, with Stanwyck in Capra's 1941 political romp MEET JOHN DOE with Gary Cooper, the 1932 pre-Code romance SHOPWORN with Zasu Pitts, and the 1939 boxing drama GOLDEN BOY-starring a then-unknown William Holden in the role that launched his career.
It has been reported Mayweather will fight a rematch with Miguel Cotto, the hugely popular Puerto Rican who last year stopped a shopworn Sergio Mart?
We fall back on shopworn statements like "we provide products that have to be sold; they're not bought.
The genie is out of the bottle, the toothpaste is out of the tube, insert shopworn cliche here.
And when those tiny little boxes got really shopworn and squished, you'd end up having to use a bit of Scotch tape to keep the ends shut.
But progress toward that idealistic vision cannot continue to depend on shopworn symbolism.
Planning weekend outdoor activities for the family, limiting television and snacking, and investing in Wii Fit or similar interactive exercise games are a few of the more shopworn, if effective, ideas to get and keep young children moving.
As he grins broadly with outstretched arms and "gimme, gimme" fingers one minute and calmly commits suicide the next, the figure becomes yet another stand-in for the artist as manic-depressive joke, a shopworn stereotype like the punk in the Tuileries, careening gracelessly toward extinction.