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Noun1.short letter - a short personal lettershort letter - a short personal letter; "drop me a line when you get there"
personal letter - a letter dealing with personal affairs
excuse - a note explaining an absence; "he had to get his mother to write an excuse for him"
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Glegg being in this state of satisfaction in her own lofty magnanimity, I leave you to judge what effect was produced on her by the reception of a short letter from Mr.
There was also a short letter from the Count to his wife: after reading it, Newland Archer rose, jammed the papers back into their envelope, and reentered Mr.
The partners at Astoria forwarded by him a short letter to Mr.
I sent my gentleman a short letter, therefore, that I had obeyed his orders in all things but that of going back to the Bath, which I could not think of for many reasons; that however parting from him was a wound to me that I could never recover, yet that I was fully satisfied his reflections were just, and would be very far from desiring to obstruct his reformation or repentance.
You remember, of course, that in her short letter to Mrs Boffin-- short, but containing everything to the purpose--she stipulated that either her name, or else her place of residence, must be kept strictly a secret among us.
If the long letters were bows, and the short letters broad arrows, I might know something of the matter,'' said the brave yeoman; ``but as the matter stands, the meaning is as safe, for me, as the stag that's at twelve miles distance.
Yes, except as to his writing her such short letters.
In the majority of cases, in words with 5 or more letters which end in a consonant followed by the letter Y, the Y is pronounced as a short letter i (I).
In his short letter to the PM,Soni wrote,"Request you to look into this matter with utmost urgency.
Is it not a reflection on Ms Spinks' laziness, ineptitude and/or cultural isolationism that she cannot bring herself to acquire a few basics of Welsh and use a dictionary to translate one short letter into English?
JOE HEDLEY (Journal Letters, April 2) manages to squeeze four ad homs into a short letter.
Synopsis: "How to Write Successful Letters of Recommendation" is a one-stop instructional resource for painting the perfect picture in just one short letter.