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Adj.1.short-handled - having a short handle
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A short-handled sharp spade being sent up to him, he diligently searches for the proper place to begin breaking into the Tun.
This was due mainly to her efforts, while Daylight, who rode with a short-handled ax on his saddle-bow, cleared the little manzanita wood on the rocky hill of all its dead and dying and overcrowded weaklings.
When Nicky the Greek jumped in with a short-handled shovel to Whisky Bob's assistance, short work was made of him by Hans.
The fair-skinned warriors, armed only with their long bows and a kind of short-handled war-axe, were almost helpless beneath the savage mounted green men at close quarters; but at a distance their sharp arrows did fully as much execution as the radium projectiles of the green men.
Also, she gathered a load of driftwood, and it was nine in the evening when she emerged from the marsh, on her shoulder a bundle of wood and a short-handled spade, in her free hand the pail of clams.
The Portuguese smiled a brilliant smile that Harvey learned to know well later, and a short-handled fork began to throw fish into the pen on deck.
Also, going with Dad to the railroad depot in the little town of Lyman, Nebraska, early each summer to claim the four or five Mexican nationals who'd signed up to block and thin our sugar beets with short-handled hoes.
When we were transitioning from school backpacks to more grown-up silhouettes, a friend recommended we start with a small short-handled Longchamp Le Pliage.
They give your tools more "headroom" and give you easier access to long- and short-handled tools.
Here, through an open window was to be seen a lady blacksmith, wielding a clumsy short-handled hammer, and pounding away on a short length of white-hot rail rod, about a quarter of an inch square.
Merriam Webster's definition of an ankus is "an elephant goad used in India having a sharp spike and hook and resembling a short-handled boat hook.