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David Reid was on the working group tasked with fixing Club Academy Scotland - but he doesn't believe they went far enough to drum the short-termism out of our clubs.
As a company owner, there is no room for short-termism.
The short-termism of Premier League football is illustrated by the fact that Sam Allardyce, who only became Sunderland manager last month, is ninth favourite with some bookies at 25/1 to get the chop next.
Short-termism is not good in a personal life, a business or a Government and it's time to step up.
Everything they do is based on the short-termism of winning an election designed to boost the short-term profits of their paymasters in the City of London.
Although some criticisms of corporate short-termism are warranted, others are exaggerated.
Mark Wilson, Group Chief Executive Officer of Aviva plc, said We must continue to learn from the recent financial crisis, and one big lesson is that short-termism is dangerous.
There is a short-termism in these funding decisions that could be a harbinger for more gloom down the road.
Short-termism is one of the things that can blight a club's prospects.
He said: "Privatisation in Britain has led to short-termism and the appropriation of common resources for private gain, and we are now out of step with the rest of the world.
Plaid Cymru has long-warned that this precarious recovery is being driven by soaring house prices and inflated personal debt through the Help to Buy policy - a highly risky model which favours short-termism over sustainability.
This short-termism gives a false sense of economic security which diverts attention from the 'inconvenient truth' surrounding carbon/methane emissions and the need for a credible long-term policy and financial framework to support renewable energy.