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Any of a breed of beef or dairy cattle that originated in northern England, having short curved horns or no horns and a red, white, or roan coat. Also called Durham2.


(Breeds) a short-horned breed of cattle with several regional varieties. Also called: Durham



one of an English breed of red, white, or roan beef cattle having short horns. Also called Durham.
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Noun1.Shorthorn - English breed of short-horned cattleshorthorn - English breed of short-horned cattle
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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Poyser," said Captain Donnithorne, when he had sufficiently admired the dairy and given several improvised opinions on Swede turnips and shorthorns.
Hetty blushed a deep rose-colour when Captain Donnithorne entered the dairy and spoke to her; but it was not at all a distressed blush, for it was inwreathed with smiles and dimples, and with sparkles from under long, curled, dark eyelashes; and while her aunt was discoursing to him about the limited amount of milk that was to be spared for butter and cheese so long as the calves were not all weaned, and a large quantity but inferior quality of milk yielded by the shorthorn, which had been bought on experiment, together with other matters which must be interesting to a young gentleman who would one day be a landlord, Hetty tossed and patted her pound of butter with quite a self-possessed, coquettish air, slyly conscious that no turn of her head was lost.
On other points he's as level-headed as a breeder of shorthorns, which is what he happens to be.
He knew of the presence of the mountain lion, adrift down from Mendocino County, ere the first shorthorn calf was slain, and came home from the encounter, torn and bleeding, to attest what he had discovered and to be the cause of Harley Kennan riding trail next day with a rifle across his pommel.
If I wan't an ornery shorthorn at the business, I'd be accumulatin' them rings on your fingers instead of being polite," he retorted.
On the same day, Beef Shorthorns topped Chelford's sale of Native British Breeding Cattle.
Ian and his mother, Mary, along with sister Wendy Young, were showing their Churchroyd partnership pedigree Dairy Shorthorns.
Thomas Bates, of Kirklevington, was a major breeder of Shorthorn Cattle, all Shorthorns can be traced back to bulls from this area.
The composite breed began in 1962 at the University of Minnesota with an experimental herd of Milking Shorthorns crossed with red Holsteins.
The exact number of milking and beef Shorthorns in the United States today is unknown, but in 2000, there were about 2,800 milking Shorthorns registered.
Dressed in the traditional white shirt and pants worn in dairy showmanship competition, Cody was focusing on the task at hand yesterday afternoon as the Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, Guernseys, Holsteins, Jerseys and milking shorthorns were cajoled into place to be judged.
Some farmers are already taking the lead, such as Clive Pugh, of Churchstoke, who has spent around pounds 260,000 on anaerobic digestion units, mostly processing waste from his 150 beef cattle and 120 dairy Shorthorns.