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n. & adj.
Variant of shorty.


(ˈʃɔːtɪ) or


npl shorties
1. informal
a. pl shortiesa person or thing that is extremely short
b. (as modifier): a shortie nightdress.
2. (Cookery) a Scot name for shortbread


(inf: also shortie nightie) → Shorty nt, → kurzes Nachthemd
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Credit to Joe McMahon and Shortie (Kevin) Trueman and all the boys - hard work pays off in the end.
American Eagle Outfitters brings the essence of festival experience to life this fall season with signature denim in updated washes ranging from the distressed Festival Shortie, the latest Sky High rises, Denim X, overalls and flowy dresses.
We'll be supported by Master Shortie and Desolated.
Not surprisingly, whisky, smoked salmon and potatoes are frequently dispatched but the shortie is one Scottish export which knows no boundaries.
The video for 'We Came To Party' by DJ Adam J featuring Master Shortie shows the duo cruising around the emirate in a sports car, heading out to the desert and revelling in the party lifestyle.
Artists include Kof, who has played at large festivals including Glastonbury and toured the UK, and Master Shortie, tipped as the next star of British hip hop.
Other acts at the Block Party event, which will also be open to non students, include Chipmunk, The Wombats, Hadouken and Master Shortie with DJ sets from Scott Mills, the Mystery Jets and beatboxer Killa Kela among others.
Former Eurovision contestant Jade Ewen is also in the category, as are Irish soul singer Laura Izibor and London-based MC Master Shortie.
TIPPED for big things in 2009, Master Shortie plays Birmingham's Bar Academy on Sunday, the day before unveiling his new single Dance Like A White Boy.
Weller also reports on "Wake Island Shortie," a construction worker who avoided capture by the Japanese for three months after they occupied the island.
Munching hard drives using a machine such as the 75-horsepower RG 5275 P Shortie, made by VecoPlan, High Point, N.