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1. Having a wavelength of approximately 10 to 200 meters.
2. Capable of receiving or transmitting at wavelengths of approximately 10 to 200 meters: a shortwave radio.



n., adj., v. -waved, -wav•ing. n.
1. a radio wave shorter than that used in AM broadcasting, corresponding to frequencies of over 1600 kilohertz: used for long-distance reception or transmission.
3. of, pertaining to, or using shortwaves.
v.t., v.i.
4. to transmit by shortwaves.
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The Iranawila shortwave station, managed by an independent U.
Contract award notice: Additional works strictly necessary to achieve the optimum and obtained the advice of the "System goniometrical in shortwave VHF RDF (Radio Direction Finder) for locating vessels in distress in the area of responsibility of Romania".
com)-- ATD have included their shortwave twin tube heaters, which combine superior mechanical strength and several different wiring options with higher levels of radiant energy to offer standout heating performance for drying, curing, plastics processing, finishing, and a range of other applications.
The early shortwave stations; a broadcasting history through 1945.
THE BBC World Service's Cyprus shortwave relay station closed on April 1, meaning listeners are no longer able to listen to the famous World Service broadcasts.
26 ( ANI ): The BBC, in a statement, has said that shortwave frequencies carrying its English language broadcasts were being blocked deliberately, adding that the extensive and co-ordinated efforts are indicative of a "well-resourced country such as China".
In this study, a horse suffering from torticollis was subjected to shortwave diathermy and the results thus obtained have being discussed.
In order to determine the character of background noise in the prospective shortwave reception sites and to gather data about spectral occupancy in general the current survey was initiated by the Estonian Defense Forces.
Shortwave radio, which can be received across continents, is falling into disuse, due to the declining number of people with such receivers.
In May of 1940, Crosley inaugurated broadcasts from a shortwave station with the call letters of WLWO.
The Japanese government is also considering using its own shortwave radio station broadcasting to North Korea, while calling on a private group investigating possible abductions by the North to cooperate by providing emergency information through its shortwave service in the event of a contingency, the sources said.
The BBC said its services in Arabic could still be accessed online, on shortwave radio and via satellite broadcasts.