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v. shoved, shov·ing, shoves
1. To push quickly, forcefully, or roughly: shoved the chair against the wall. See Synonyms at push.
2. To put (something) roughly in a place: shoved the keys into his pocket.
1. To push someone or something with force.
2. To move forward roughly, often by shoving someone: shoved past the security guard into his seat.
The act of shoving; a push.
Phrasal Verb:
shove off
1. To push (a boat) away from shore in leaving.
2. Informal To leave.

[Middle English shoven, from Old English scūfan.]

shov′er n.


the act of pushing hard
References in classic literature ?
Then I'll break his neck," Scott retorted, continuing his shoving and wedging with the revolver muzzle.
Footage aired by media outlets showed several men crowding and shoving female supporters of the PML-N, who could be seen struggling to protect themselves.
He got naked - forced himself - I was shoving, kicking and pushing.
A LITTLE girl attacked by a dog was left with gaping holes in her leg after her brave mother tried to distract the "beast" by shoving a sandwich in its mouth.
The Sunday Mirror revealed last week how the pair were involved in a shoving match outside Lord Sugar's office.
11 ( ANI ): A newly wed Montana woman was taken under custody following her admission to shoving her new hubby off a cliff just over a week into their marriage.
Current irregularities and rigging(s) in polls has pushed the already clouded Balochistan situation into more disappointed one , since fake Baloch leadership was promoted while shoving the 'original leadership' into oblivion", he alleged.
NEW YORK -- The family of a woman accused of shoving an Indian man to his death in front of a subway train called police several times in the past five years because she had not been taking prescribed medication and she was difficult to deal with, authorities said Monday.
Never mind shoving him on a plane to Jordan - shove him in the nearest dock.
The second man then pushed the Iranian into the window of a department store before shoving him to the pavement.
A crowd of people blocked Mohamed ElBaradei from entering a polling station in Cairo on Saturday to cast a vote in Egypt's constitutional referendum, shoving him and smashing his car window with rocks as he left.
A DRUG dealer who lived with his mum was jailed after being found shoving cannabis into his underwear.