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Karachi -- The law-enforcement agencies on Wednesday arrested an operative of banned organization and recovered a hit list of nearly 18 high-profile showbiz personalities.
Because Amanda is smart enough to know as soon as they start sliding southwards, her showbiz career follows right behind.
BSS Showbiz has always relied on using the Hippodrome's pre-show empty foyer spaces for Saturday morning rehearsals, before staging productions at the in-house Patrick Centre, the New Alexandra Theatre and Birmingham Town Hall.
Showbiz writer and broadcaster Neil has penned Live from the London Palladium about some of the biggest stars who have appeared on stage there.
THEIR bitter quarrel has been simmering for six years - but showbiz veterans Bruce Forsyth and Lionel Blair have finally buried the hatchet.
WiDi Compatible Version Allows ShowBiz 5 Users to Preview Movies on a TV Screen while Editing - Hassle Free
Not if all the rest of the greedy showbiz lot are anything to go by anyway.
If you would like me to answer a showbiz query, or settle an argument, write to Showbiz Sam, Daily Record, Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA.
Summary: This Morning is denying reports there has been a bust up with their new showbiz reporter, Peter Andre.
THE King of Pop's funeral is likely to be the biggest of its kind in showbiz history.
These days it seems that we are bombarded with showbiz news around the clock, but if you like nothing better than a dose of showbiz gossip then log on to worldofwonder.
Showbiz Jason Anderson ECW Press 330 pages, softcover ISBN 1550227149